100% accurate network recording, any speed, any network

Leaders in 100% accurate network packet capture

We guarantee 100% accurate capture and storage of network traffic regardless of network types, speeds or loads. Our highly scalable solutions support the largest, fastest and most complex networks while integrating easily with a broad range of commercial, open-source and custom-developed security and network performance solutions.

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Full network visibility for security and performance

With a mission-critical network, fast incident response and resolution is critical. Endace’s complete network visibility - from the edge to the core - lets you reduce mean time to resolution. It improves the efficiency of root cause analysis for security and network events, lowering operating costs and ensuring you can meet the most demanding SLAs.

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Network visibility: industries and applications

Endace solutions are used by some of the world’s largest financial institutions, telecommunications and service providers, retailers, media organizations, large enterprises and governments to deliver the accurate network data needed to power their security incident response, network monitoring and other network applications effectively.

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Cisco Connect

Entrance to Cisco Live events is free. So if you are in these cities and would like to see how EndaceProbes can be integrated with Cisco's Firepower NG IPS for powerful threat detection and investigation then do come along. We'd love to see you.

Next Generation Threats, Stockholm

We're exhibiting at Next Generation Threats in Stockholm on May 17th (we'll also be at the Gothenburg event on 21 September later in the year).

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