Garland Technology High-speed TAPS and Packet Brokers

Deploying EndaceProbes with Garland Technology high-speed TAPS and Network Packet Brokers.

Network engineers must be equipped with the right tools to prevail against looming network threats. Designing your infrastructure to ensure a foundation of visibility ensures optimal performance from your tools.

To protect the network and accurately detect cyberthreats and performance issues, network security and monitoring tools need complete packet-level visibility to ensure they have access to all the traffic they need to analyze. SecOps and NetOps analysts also need to be able to look back in time and drill down into historical network traffic so they can quickly see precisely what's happening on the network.

Integrating Garland Technology’s TAPs and Network Packet Brokers with EndaceProbes lets security teams respond to alerts faster and investigate threats with confidence across both their physical and cloud environments, without blind-spots.

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Integration Benefits

  • 360° visibility with complete packet-level history across physical, virtual, and cloud networks.
  • Optimization of network security and monitoring tools.
  • Reliable traffic aggregation, load balancing, and filtering with full control over traffic behavior and flexibility for aggregation and regeneration.
  • Streamlined investigation workflows, from the tools used by your SecOps or NetOps teams, provide one-click access to full definitive packet evidence for accelerates investigation and remediation and accurate event reconstruction.
  • Reduced threat exposure through greater analyst productivity and faster incident investigation.
  • Leverage your always-on packet capture appliances to deploy virtualized instances of tools across your environment for fast, cost-effective tool deployment.
  • Definitive evidence trail with an accurate record of all relevant packets.

Download Solution Brief

For more on how the integration works, and the features and benefits of EndaceProbe and how they can be deployed with Garland Technology TAPs and PacketMAX Network Packet Brokers, download the solution brief and book a demo below.

Delivering Network Insights for Rapid Investigation and Response with Garland Technology, Corelight and Endace

Read this Solution Brief to find out how the combination of EndaceProbes, Corelight Sensors and Garland Technology TAPS and Packet Brokers can deliver complete network visibility scalably, reliably and cost-effectively.

Hear from Garland Technology's CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Bihary

Chris shares his insights on the fundamentals for any robust network and security architecture. He talks about the complexity of security stacks and why the sheer number of both in-line and out-of-band vendor solutions is making it increasingly challenging to ensure network performance and security.

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