Turbo-charge your Incident Response
with the EndaceProbe Platform

EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platforms combine 100% accurate packet capture and recording with the ability to host and integrate with a wide range of analytics applications for Cybersecurity, Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions.

Hosted applications can access real-time traffic, or use the EndaceProbe's Playback feature to replay historical traffic for analyzing past events.

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Incident Response the EndaceProbe packet capture Platform

Unify Your Tools and Teams

The open EndaceProbe Platform brings tools, teams and workflows together into an integrated Ecosystem.

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Improve cybersecurity incident response with network history


Network history gives security analysts the definitive evidence they need to analyze security threats and data breaches quickly, see exactly what happened and respond appropriately.

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Network Performance
Monitoring (NPM)

Network History can help you pinpoint the root cause of network problems accurately, respond quickly to minimize the impact and optimize network efficiency.

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Network Performance Monitoring
Application performance monitoring with packet capture solutions

Application Performance
Monitoring (APM)

Recorded network history lets you replay events to your performance monitoring tools for deep analysis. This means hard-to-resolve and transient application performance problems can be investigated quickly and resolved before they affect productivity and customer experience.

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