Why Network Performance Matters

According to Gartner's Andrew Lerner, the average cost of a network outage is $5,600 a minute. or well over $300k an hour.

It's harder to quantify the impact of network performance issues, but they too can be eye-wateringly costly. Not just in terms of lost productivity but in lost revenue, lost customers and brand damage. The ability to quickly detect, investigate and remediate network outages or performance issues has become a financial imperative.

A Platform for Packet Capture and Network Performance Monitoring

EndaceProbes™ provide 100% accurate, full packet capture, while simultaneously hosting and integrating with your network and application performance monitoring tools.

Using the powerful Workflow API you can integrate Network History into your network performance monitoring tools to streamline and accelerate investigations.

Analysts can click on alerts to jump directly to the definitive, packet-level evidence they need to resolve problems quickly and accurately, reducing Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) from hours or days to minutes.

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EndaceProbe Platform for Packet Capture and Network Performance Monitoring

Evidence Integrated Into Your Tools

Endace's Fusion Partner Program brings together solutions from leading security and performance analytics vendors which leverage the EndaceProbe's Application Dock hosting, and workflow APIs, to integrate Network History into their applications.

With accurate Network History integrated into their performance monitoring tools NetOps and DevOps have concrete evidence at their fingertips. This accelerates the investigation and resolution of outages and performance problems and allows teams to quickly isolate the root cause of issues.

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Why Packet Capture Is Important For Network Performance Troubleshooting

Packet capture and protocol analysis have long been the tools of choice for troubleshooting difficult network problems. Full packet data is essential for troubleshooting issues such as:

But outside of telecommunications, mobile and SaaS companies, where the network literally IS the business, until now, few organizations have implemented full-packet capture solutions for network monitoring. Instead, they've relied on NetFlow monitoring tools and doing ad hoc packet capture when NetFlow doesn't provide the necessary level of detail needed to investigate and solve the issue.

The problem with ad hoc capture is that it's implemented after-the-event. Which means the problem remains unresolved until packets relating to the event can be captured - when it reoccurs (If, indeed, it ever does). So they're turning to continuous packet capture solutions - like our EndaceProbes.

With the high cost of downtime or impaired performance, organizations are realizing the value of having the right evidence at their fingertips.

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