Packet Loss

Troubleshooting Packet Loss

When network packets do not reach their destination, connections are lost and users complain.

Although networks are far more reliable at delivering packets then they used to be, the ever-increasing size and complexity of networks means this problem does still occur. And when it does, it is harder than ever to find them.

Global network connectivity, with connections that may traverse dozens of hops, makes localised problems very difficult to isolate. So, good visibility throughout the network is essential. However, most network visibility tools do not make it easy to compare the packets on one part of the network with the packets on another.

An EndaceFabric™ of connected EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platforms provides a global search and visualization capability that allows you to make direct comparisons of network packets across as many network segments as you need. In a matter of seconds, all the data for all of the hops a connection has traversed can be graphically represented and compared. So you can isolate the problem with ease.

EndaceVision and EndacePackets

EndaceVision ™ and EndacePackets™ are browser-based investigation tools included on every EndaceProbe™ Network Analytics Platform.

EndaceVision provides a number of visualization tools for examining recorded network traffic. EndacePackets is a wireshark-based, protocol analyzer that provides on-probe decoding of recorded packet data. Or packets can be downloaded for examination in Wireshark, or Dynatrace DNA, or other protocol analysis tools.

Using EndaceVision and EndacePackets to Troubleshoot Packet Loss

Using EndaceVision, you can isolate packets-of-interest from one or more EndaceProbes for the period that you want to examine. By applying filters you can drill into particular hosts or specific protocols to identify the specific packets you want to examine.

Packets can be decoded directly using EndacePackets without requiring a download. Alternatively they can be downloaded as standard pcaps, or enhanced ERF format files with added Provenance™ data, for examination in Wireshark, Dynatrace DNA or other packet decode tools.

Endace Fusion

The Fusion Partner Program brings together solutions from leading security and performance analytics vendors who leverage the EndaceProbe's Application Dock hosting and workflow API to integrate Network History into their applications.

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