Darktrace and Endace

AI cyber defense and comprehensive Network History to detect and rapidly respond to any security threat.

Combining EndaceProbes and Darktrace Enterprise Immune System delivers real-time threat detection and autonomous response with definitive network evidence that enables rapid threat investigation and remediation.

The ability to deploy and host Darktrace sensor instances in Application Dock allows organizations to extend Darktrace Enterprise Immune System's powerful threat detection and response across the network, wherever they have an EndaceProbe installed.

Why Deploy EndaceProbes with Darktrace Enterprise Immune System?

  • Leading AI-based threat detection and autonomous response.
  • Definitive, enterprise-class packet-level evidence for fast, conclusive threat investigation.
  • Extended storage provides weeks of Network History for evidence-driven security analysis.
  • Deploy Darktrace sensors, alongside other tools, on a common EndaceProbe platform for reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

Download Solution Brief

See it in Action

Watch this short demonstration to see how easy it is to go directly from alerts in the Darktrace Threat Visualizer to the related packet-level Network History on the EndaceProbes on the network.

How about a Demo?

Interested in finding out how you can combine Darktrace's Enterprise Immune System with EndaceProbes to enable powerful, AI-driven threat detection, autonomous response, and investigation?
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