Plixer Scrutinizer

Plixer’s Scrutinizer flow based analyzer provides deep insight into user, application and network device behaviour improving the network and security operations teams’ real-time situational awareness.

The built-in Flow Analytics™ performs behavioral analysis on collected flows to identify suspicious behaviour on the network, such as machines compromised by malware “phoning home” to C&C servers.

Using a calculated threat index, Scrutinizer reduces false positives and is able to rapidly differentiate between compromised systems and misconfigured devices, allowing for measured, timely and prioritized response measures.

Complementing the broad visibility offered by Scrutinizer, EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platforms deployed across the network capture, record and index 100% of the raw traffic data that is also the source for flow records.

In addition, running EndaceFlow in Application Dock on the EndaceProbes provides high-speed NetFlow Generation in v5, v9 and IPFIX format - giving you both accurate NetFlow data, and full packet history.

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The Value of Packet History

Full packet data provides forensic evidence of compromise and raw packet data for deep analysis in tools like Wireshark.

Using the Endace Fusion Pivot to Packets technology, Scrutinizer users can pivot from an event of interest directly to the packets, which can be retrieved from the EndaceProbes seamlessly from within the Scrutinizer UI.

This increases the speed with which analysts can drill down into packet level data during live investigation, and simplifies the archival of packet data for subsequent analysis. By streamlining this workflow, analysts can investigate events and alerts more efficiently, improving response time and decreasing time to resolution

See it in Action

Watch this demonstration webinar to see how combining Plixer Scrutinizer and EndaceProbes allows fast, accurate detection and investigation of network security and performance issues.

Benefits to your Business

  • Lower OPEX and faster time-to-resolution (TTR) for network and security incidents through streamlined workflow
  • Packet-level forensic visibility for breach analysis.

Implementation Details

Download the Datasheet and Configuration Guide to understand how Plixer's Scrutinizer, combined with EndaceProbes, provides users deep insight into application and network device behaviour to improve network and security operations.

Download Config Guide

For more information on integrating Scrutinizer with EndaceProbes please login to the Endace Support Portal. If you do not have a Support Portal account, you can request one here.



Download Datasheet

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