Why Application Performance Matters

Today's applications are built on complex, multi-tier architectures, making managing the performance of those applications challenging. Application problems can be caused by any one of those tiers, or by any one of the network components that link them together.

To complicate things further the rise of DevOps and continuous integration means that applications are changing frequently. New versions are deployed in minutes or seconds, and in the event of a breakage they can be rolled back just as quickly. While continuous integration empowers agile business, it can be the cause of troubleshooting headaches for DevOps and NetOps teams if critical evidence is lost during a rollback.

A Platform for Packet Capture and Application Performance Analytics

EndaceProbes™ provide 100% accurate, full packet capture, while simultaneously hosting and integrating with your network and application performance monitoring tools.

Using the powerful Workflow API you can integrate Network History into your application performance monitoring tools to streamline and accelerate investigations.

Analysts can click on alerts to jump directly to the definitive, packet-level evidence they need to resolve problems quickly and accurately, reducing Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) from hours or days to minutes.

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Evidence Integrated Into Your Tools

Endace's Fusion Partner Program brings together solutions from leading security and performance analytics vendors which leverage the EndaceProbe's Application Dock hosting, and workflow APIs, to integrate Network History into their applications.

With accurate Network History integrated into their performance monitoring tools NetOps and DevOps have concrete evidence at their fingertips. This accelerates the investigation and resolution of outages and performance problems and allows teams to quickly isolate the root cause of issues.

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Why Packet Capture is Important for
Application Performance Troubleshooting

The EndaceProbe Analytics Platform allows you to accurately capture and store the detailed packet-level evidence that enables analysts to trouble-shoot even the most complex and difficult-to-replicate issues.

This detailed information lets analysts build up a very accurate picture of where there are slow-downs or where a component of the solution may have failed to respond.

The Network History recorded by EndaceProbes can be integrated into Performance Monitoring tools from Endace Fusion Partners such as Accedian, Cisco and Plixer to give IT and DevOps teams deep insight into application and network performance.

Post-event Investigation Using Playback

Too often when an issue arises it's somewhere that doesn't have monitoring installed. Or it's an intermittent problem that you can't seem to reproduce.

With Network History, you can go back-in-time to investigate past events. You can reconstruct the event, however fleeting, and play back the related packet-history to your real-time tools for further analysis.

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Integrating Network History into your security and performance monitoring tools gives you definitive evidence at your fingertips.

Find out just how fast and accurate your investigations could be.

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