Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline

Gigamon's Deep Observability Pipeline gives organizations complete East-West visibility across their entire infrastructure and complements the full packet capture provided by the EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platform.

Customers can use the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline to access, broker, and filter important traffic to EndaceProbes which continuously recording weeks or months of full-packet data to solve cybersecurity,network and application issues.

Gigamon's Deep Observability Pipeline maximizes visibility into far reaches of physical, virtual, and cloud networks to eliminate blind spots and strengthen security posture. It exposes threats hiding inside encrypted traffic, reduces tool sprawl, optimizes and delivers relevant data to security and performance tools.

EndaceProbe Analytics Platforms capture, index and store network traffic with 100% accuracy, regardless of network speeds, loads or traffic types.

Application Dock™ extends security and performance monitoring by hosting third party analytics applications on the open EndaceProbe platform.

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No Compromise on Performance

With Gigamon Deep Visibility Pipeline and EndaceProbe combined, security analytics tools are able to operate at peak performance, without compromising network resilience or slowing down the network. This increases the effectiveness of network security infrastructure and dramatically improves return on investment.

The integration provides pervasive visibility across the entire network, which gives security teams broad and consistent visibility into network activity, including encrypted traffic and traffic in the cloud in real-time.

The Benefits of Integration

The Gigamon Deep Visibility Pipeline and EndaceProbe combination brings robust security benefits to your network. Including:

Detecting Threats in Encrypted Traffic

SSL Decryption is critical to securing today’s enterprise networks due to the significant growth in applications and services using encrypted traffic. In recent years, SSL has evolved to the Transport Layer Security (TLS) standard.

Deploying GigaVUE to decrypt in real time allows un-encrypted traffic to be captured by EndaceProbe and streamed to security tools running in Application Dock. Strong crypto algorithms such as Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS), Diffie-Hellman and its variants, Elliptic Curve ciphers are no longer a place for threats to hide.

Accelerating Security Investigations

The Network History recorded by EndaceProbes can be integrated with leading security tools and SIEMs using the Pivot-to-Vision™ function of the EndaceProbe API.

Pivot-to-Vision uses IP addresses and the time range of the trigger event to focus the analyst directly on pre-filtered incident data. It lets security analysts pivot from threat alerts directly to EndaceVision™ (the EndaceProbe’s built-in investigation tool) to analyze the related, packet-level Network History.

Scaling Monitoring Across Your Network

EndaceFabric enables multiple EndaceProbe Analytics Platforms to be connected into a centrally searchable network-wide fabric. This provides visibility into, and accurate recording of, network traffic across an entire network– including visibility into high-speed 40Gbps and 100Gbps links.

GigaVUE provides flexibility to monitor any segment of your network and adjust monitoring points dynamically in response to threats or changes in your network. This allows the EndaceProbe Analytics Platform to be applied to critical parts of your network, and for resources to be moved to hot spots as and when new threats emerge.

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