Our Industries

Endace's scalable, always-on packet capture solutions are used by some of the world's largest and most security-conscious organizations. Here are some of the industries we operate in.


Government agencies manage and secure complex infrastructure and widely distributed assets and teams.

Complete visibility into network activity gives security and network teams the evidence they need to defend vital infrastructure and ensure reliable access to essential public services.


Endace supports defense forces to safeguard crucial communications and network assets - on land, sea or air - in an increasingly hostile cyber environment.

EndaceProbes offer unmatched network visibility, scalability, and reliability for battlefield and datacenter deployments, ensuring the success of critical missions and enabling trusted nation-state cyber defense.


With a multitude of endpoints and complex networks to protect, enterprises face an extensive attack surface that is vulnerable to cyber threat actors. 

To defend against attack and ensure reliable delivery of services, network and security teams need accurate, reliable evidence of exactly what happens on their network.


Financial organizations are a prime target for cybercriminals looking to compromise customer data and conduct fraudulent activity.

To ensure critical customer services are available 24x7, while complying with a myriad of regulations (such as SOX, GLBA, PCI, etc.) network and security teams need uncompromised visibility into network activity.


Protecting patient data and ensuring the reliable operation of critical health services is essential. 

Healthcare organizations are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals intent on compromising PII data and disrupting operations.

Total visibility into network activity is essential to the teams tasked with protecting the security and reliability of healthcare networks and OT devices.


Education institutions are an increasingly attractive target for cyber attackers. Large, complex networks and large numbers of users, coupled with resource constraints including a shortage of experienced cybersecurity staff make this increasingly challenging.

Security and network teams need visibility into what’s happening on the network so they can quickly identify, investigate and respond to threats


Telcos face a tremendous challenge in maintaining large complex, distributed fixed and mobile networks.

Customers expect 24x7 service reliability, and network operators must respond quickly to outages or performance issues while simultaneously protecting their customers from cyberthreats.

Deep visibility into activity across networks is key to ensuring reliability and security of carrier and service provider networks.


Retail organizations must ensure reliable, secure network infrastructure to safeguard customers’ personal information from cyber attackers, and provide access to services around the clock.

EndaceProbes provide real-time insights and deep visibility into network performance and cyberthreats, allowing retailers to optimize network operations, defend their networks against cyberthreats and protect customer data.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure networks require high availability, performance, and security to maintain safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction.  Teams need to meet safety standards, remain compliant and defend against frequent and sophisticated cyberattacks.

Endace's scalable, always-on packet capture platform provides real-time visibility into network activity, enabling faster and more accurate security threat detection and response.