Integrating with SIM/SIEM Tools

SIM / SIEM Tools

Security Information Management (SIM) or Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools can be an extremely useful way to manage the plethora of alerts that security teams face.

The purpose of SIM / SIEM tools is to collect and collate events and alerts from a range of sources, including log files, authentication records and the alerts generated by security monitoring tools. This gives security analysts a more holistic view of activity, and saves them time in collating information relevant to an event.

However, the information that SIEM tools collect is often circumstantial rather than definitive. Once an event is identified as warranting further investigation, analysts must still reconstruct the event to understand exactly what happened, and what the impact of that event is.

Integrating Network History with SIM/SIEM Tools

Recording a packet-level history of network activity - often referred to as full packet capture or continuous packet capture - provides definitive evidence of what has taken place on the network.

Integrating this Network History into SIM/SIEM tools allows security analysts investigating an event to pivot directly to the packets relating to that event to reconstruct exactly what took place.

Endace Fusion

The Fusion Partner Program brings together solutions from leading security and performance analytics vendors who leverage the EndaceProbe's Application Dock hosting and workflow API to integrate Network History into their applications.

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