Accelerating Cybersecurity Analysis
with Open Platform Packet Capture

Organizations face an increasing flood of security alerts every day. Without access to packet capture data, analysts are forced to reconstruct events by correlating multiple data sources such as log files and metadata. The process is slow and often inconclusive.

The unique EndaceProbe Analytics Platform can help accelerate the investigation process by recording accurate Network History and making it available inside all your security tools, putting evidence at your fingertips.

Accelerate cybersecurity analysis for Security Operations teams

Visibility for Security Teams

With access to a packet-level history of network activity, Security Operations (SecOps) analysts can examine the actual packets relating to a security alert and determine, conclusively, what happened. The result is a faster, more accurate response to security threats.

If you get breached, Network History provides the definitive evidence you need to understand how that breach occurred and what the damage was.

Evidence Integrated Into Your Security Tools

The Endace Fusion Partner Program brings together solutions from leading security and performance analytics vendors which leverage the EndaceProbe's Application Dock hosting, and workflow APIs, to integrate Network History into their applications.

With accurate Network History in their SIEM, IDS, AI, SOAR or endpoint security tools security analysts have evidence at their fingertips. This accelerates the investigation and resolution of threat alerts freeing up time for and giving security teams the evidence they need to proactively hunt for threats.

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How Network History Helps Security Teams

Accelerate Incident Response

For most organizations, the sheer volume of alerts makes investigating every alert impossible. As a result, a significant number of alerts are unexamined.

Detailed network packet data lets security analysts respond to security alerts more quickly and conclusively, allowing analysts to stop initial threats before they become more serious.

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Quantify Security Breaches Accurately

When a security breach happens, the challenge is to understand exactly how it occurred and what exposure it created. Fast, accurate, investigation is critical to complying with breach notification regulations and minimizing the cost and impact of a breach.

Full packet capture provides definitive evidence for forensic investigations.

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Defend Against Zero Day Threats

Zero Day threats represent one of the greatest challenges to security, because they represent unknown vulnerabilities that security tools are not yet equipped to block or detect. How can you tell if you've been breached before a patch, a new firewall or IDS rule was implemented?

With Network History, security teams can go back in time and quickly analyze captured traffic from the vulnerable time frame.

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Respond to Advanced Persistent Threats

Sophisticated attackers often combine multiple attack vectors, first to gain access into the network, and then to spread laterally through the network until they achieve their objective.

Network History provides the evidence that links together the phases of a sophisticated attack, giving visibility into the complete attack.

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Integrate with SIM / SIEM Tools

Integrating Network History with SIM / SIEM tools combines an holistic view of security threats with the detailed, packet-level, evidence analysts need to investigate security alerts quickly and conclusively.

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Tune Intrusion Detection Tools

Network History helps analysts triage events more quickly so they can focus on the threats that need investigation. Access to packet-level detail makes it possible to identify false-positives and tune detection rules to make IDS tools more effective.

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