Application Dock Hosting
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Endace Application Dock Hosting for cybersecurity and network performance applications

Application Dock™ lets you host a wide variety of cybersecurity and performance analytics applications directly on the EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platform and give them access to the network traffic that EndaceProbes record.

Hosted applications can analyze network traffic in real-time at or use Payback for back-in-time analysis of recorded traffic.

Benefits of Application Dock Hosting

  • Greater Agility: a common platform lets you deploy new or upgraded tools quickly without truck-rolls or replacement of existing hardware. Deploy in minutes not months.
  • Better Visibility: standardizing on a common packet-capture platform reduces cost and enables greater visibility for all the tools and teams that need access to packet data.
  • Simplicity: consolidating multiple tools on a common platform reduces management overhead.

What can you host?

Fusion Partner Solutions

Application Dock allows you to host a range of security and performance analytics solutions from our Fusion Partners including BluVector (Coretex), Cisco (Firepower and Stealthwatch), Darktrace (Enterprise Immune System sensors) and Palo Alto Networks (VM-Series Firewall for KVM).

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Open Source Tools and Custom Applications

EndaceProbes are also ideal for hosting open-source tools. They ship with a standard "DockOS" image that can be deployed to host open source tools - such as such as Zeek IDS (formerly Bro IDS), Suricata, SNORT, Wireshark, Argus and other applications - or custom-built packet processing applications.

Virtually any Linux-based packet processing application can be hosted on EndaceProbes using DockOS. Applications that are libpcap-enabled can leverage the EndaceProbe's DAG packet capture technology for accelerated performance using the DAG-enabled libpcap library or vDAG interface for native DAG support.

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