Host Your Analytics Tools on EndaceProbe

What is Application Dock?

Application Dockā„¢ is the EndaceProbe's built-in Virtual Machine (VM) environment. It allows you to host security and performance analytics applications that consume network packet data.

Hosted applications can analyze real-time traffic at line-rate. Or, analyze recorded traffic for back-in-time analysis using Playback.

Deploying analytics tools in software delivers far greater flexibility at much lower cost than deploying hardware-based analytics appliances. Analytics functions can be deployed quickly to wherever they are needed on the network. Analytics tools can be spun up as needed. And there are no costly roll-out and integration projects.

What can you host?

Commercial and Open Source Solutions

Application Dock allows you to host a wide range of security and performance analytics solutions from our Fusion Partners, such as BluVector, Cisco, Darktrace, Idappcom and Palo Alto Networks as well as open-source tools such as Bro, Suricata, SNORT, Wireshark and Argus.

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Custom-built packet processing applications.

Virtually any linux-based packet processing application can be hosted on EndaceProbes in DockOS.

Applications that are libpcap-enabled can leverage the EndaceProbe's DAG packet capture technology for accelerated performance using the DAG-enabled libpcap library. Or for even greater acceleration, applications can use the vDAG interface for native DAG support.

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