Introducing InvestigationManager

Fabric-Wide Search and Data-Mining

New with OSm 6.5, InvestigationManager is a lightweight but exceedingly powerful, virtual server application that allows rapid search and data-mining on multiple EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platforms simultaneously.

Using InvestigationManager, analysts can conduct searches across groups of EndaceProbes, or even all the EndaceProbes in an EndaceFabric™, simultaneously.

Administrators can define which EndaceProbes in an EndaceFabric are attached to a specific InvestigationManager instance, allowing EndaceProbes to be logically grouped - for instance by team or region - giving administrators fine-grained control over which individuals and teams have access to the recorded packet data on specific EndaceProbes.

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Changes to the EndaceFabric Architecture with OSm 6.5

In previous versions of OSm, centralized search was provided through EndaceCMS™ Central Management Server. With the release of OSm 6.5, EndaceCMS becomes purely a management element for managing appliances in the EndaceFabric and performing centralized management functions such as upgrades and user provisioning.

From OSm 6.5 onwards, centralized search and data-mining is now done using the new InvestigationManager virtual appliance. Customers can deploy as many InvestigationManager instances as they wish, to provide search and data-mining for multiple groups, and to logically group EndaceProbes for searching.

Separating these two functions - administration and search - allows for greater scalability and enables faster search and data-mining for network-wide searches as the demo video below shows.

Watch the short, 2 minute video to the left for an overview of the architectural changes with OSm 6.5.

Rapid, Network-Wide Search
with InvestigationManager

OSm 6.5 introduces a new, rapid search capability that leverages the horizontal scalability of the EndaceFabric architecture to enable "needle-in-the-haystack" searches for packets-of-interest across petabytes of distibuted, recorded packet data in under a minute. This is a game-changer for analyst productivity.

This short, demo video shows a search for specific packets-of-interest across more than a Petabyte of Network History distributed across seven EndaceProbes - some based in the US and some in Asia Pacific.

System Requirements

InvestigationManager will run in VMWare, KVM environments or in the EndaceProbe's built-in Application Dock™, hosting environment on either an EndaceProbe or on a physical EndaceCMS appliance.

The system requirements for running an instance of InvestigationManager on VMWare or KVM are:

  • 4 x virtual CPU
  • 12GB RAM
  • 40GB disk for system install
  • 1TB or more of disk storage for storing packet archives

On ApplicationDock, one instance of InvestigationManager requires a Single Dock instance.