Endace OSm

What is OSm?

OSm™ is the security-hardened, Linux-based operating system that runs on every Endace appliance. It provides powerful administration, reporting and configuration via a web-based GUI interface and a scriptable command-line interface (CLI).

OSm's administration functions can also be managed via EndaceCMS™ Central Management Server. This allows IT Operations teams to centrally manage all the elements in an EndaceFabric™ - including EndaceProbes™ and InvestigationManager™ instances.

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Health and Performance Monitoring

OSm provides detailed, real-time reporting of the EndaceProbe’s health and performance, including CPU load, network, memory, disk status and capture and recording performance including:

  • Full SNMP support (v1, v2c and v3)
  • Customizable alarms, event logging and notifications
  • Hardware health monitoring and reporting.

Secure By Design

OSm provides full AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) and is compatible with Radius, TACACS and LDAP for remote authentication.

Access to management functions and recorded data is controlled by user-configurable RBAC (Role Based Access Control) giving extremely fine-grained access control.

OSm is based on recent Linux releases that have been security hardened. It is regularly updated and security patches are applied. Shell access is disabled, and access to administration functions is via managed interfaces (CLI, GUI, REST API, SNMP).

Accessing the Latest Version of OSm

New releases of OSm are released regularly and are made available, together with administration and user documentation, through the Endace Support Portal. Customers on a current support contract can download and install updated versions free-of-charge.

We recommend keeping your Endace appliances up-to-date with the latest OSm release to take advantage of security updates and patches as well as new and improved functionality.

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