Senseon Joins Endace Fusion Partner Program

Auckland, New Zealand; London, UK; and San Jose, Calif. – Sep 25, 2019 – AI cyber defense company, Senseon, and Endace, specialists in high speed network recording and analytics hosting, announced today that Senseon has joined Endace’s Fusion Partner program. The Fusion Partner program brings together world leading vendors that leverage the power of the EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platform to deliver a powerful collection of interoperable network security and performance monitoring solutions.

Under the new partnership, Senseon will integrate its AI cyber defense platform with the EndaceProbe packet capture platform. This integration will enable security teams to detect, halt and analyze in-progress attacks anywhere across their digital estate with Senseon’s AI, and quickly analyze and investigate attacks using Senseon’s powerful UI combined with the definitive, packet-level Network History recorded by the EndaceProbe platform.

Senseon’s unique ‘AI Triangulation’ technology emulates how a human security analyst thinks and acts to automate the process of threat detection, investigation and response. Capable of looking at the behaviors of users and devices from multiple perspectives, pausing for thought and learning from experience, Senseon provides accurate and context-rich alerts. These automated capabilities free security teams from the burden of exhaustive analysis, alert fatigue and false positives.

The EndaceProbe Analytics Platform captures, indexes and stores network traffic with 100% accuracy while simultaneously hosting a wide variety of network security and performance monitoring applications in Application Dock™, the EndaceProbe’s built-in hosting environment. Hosted applications can analyze recorded traffic in real-time at full line-rate or analyze recorded Network History for back-in-time investigation.

David Atkinson, Senseon Founder and CEO, said: “Endace and Senseon are naturally complementary platforms, which together will enable security teams to build a richer and clearer picture of threats facing their businesses. Where Senseon helps security teams quickly identify the most pressing threats facing their organization, separating out the genuine attacks among all the noise, Endace allows teams to dig down into these attacks with a laser focus.”

Stuart Wilson, Endace CEO, said: “Senseon’s unique AI Triangulation gives security teams an organization-wide view of threats that is perfectly complemented by the rich Network History that EndaceProbes record. With the combination of Senseon and Endace, security analysts will have the full context of threats at their fingertips, allowing them to respond more quickly and accurately to remediate attacks before they escalate.”