About Endace

Born in New Zealand, consistently delivering the
world's best network monitoring and recording systems
for mission-critical environments.

Endace does business with:

  • 3 of the top 5 telcos in the USA
  • 5 of the top 10 global telcos
  • Top US, European and APAC government and defence departments
  • 5 of the top 10 commercial banks in the USA
  • 2 of the 3 largest exchanges in the world
  • 4 of the top 5 diversified financials globally
  • 4 of the top 10 Fortune 500 organizations.

About Endace

Born in New Zealand back in 2001, Endace has become famous for consistently delivering accurate and scalable network visibility and network recording solutions. In a little over fifteen years, the company has grown from a university research project in New Zealand into a global company servicing some of the largest organizations, running some of the most complex networks on the planet.

Customers choose Endace products for one primary reason: they deliver, where competitor products fail. Whether it is capture accuracy, fidelity of time stamps, write-to-disk performance or speed of traffic retrieval, Endace is famous for delivering the very best performing products. Telcos, broadcasters, governments, defence departments, investment banks and many other large enterprises trust our products to help them manage their critical data networks.

With 10 Gbps networking now the industry standard, and the network playing an ever more significant role in bringing customers, staff, and other stakeholders together, the performance, integrity and quality of the network matters more than ever. Organizations that depend on their networks for business continuity need network visibility solutions that help them manage, maintain, troubleshoot, protect, and guarantee every aspect of end-to-end IT service delivery.

Our business is driven by our customers’ demands for better visibility into faster and more complex IT environments. As any seasoned network professional will attest, visibility into ultra-fast networks can only be delivered with purpose-built hardware. Since creating the first DAG™ Data Capture card back in 2001, Endace has consistently led the market in delivering specialist, high-performance hardware for network visibility.

Our history

Endace started life as an academic research project at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. Over the course of more than 15 years Endace has evolved from being a manufacturer of packet capture cards to a supplier of complete network visibility and recording solutions suitable for use in the world’s most demanding network environments.

The benefits

Our EndaceProbe Network Recorders help organizations to:

  • Reduce the mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) on all kinds of network events. Engineers can be connected to a 100% accurate source of packets from anywhere across the network in a few clicks using EndaceVision™
  • Improve the productivity of analysts and engineers by enabling them to investigate and remediate issues faster by giving them access to a complete and accurate history of network traffic
  • Reduce OPEX / CAPEX by consolidating system hardware. Multiple applications (custom, open-source, or commercial third-party) can reside on the same system, sharing and leveraging the same source of 100% accurate traffic
  • Reduce time-to-value on new applications by deploying software-only images of those applications onto trusted, high-performance packet capture hardware
  • Deploy and manage a network-wide monitoring and recording fabric easily with EndaceCMS™ which provides powerful, centralized command and control of all your connected appliances, making configuration, updating and monitoring them a fast and efficient process
  • Unlock latent investment value in infrastructure projects through better visibility into bottlenecks, roadblocks, and other performance-impacting problems.

Why organizations choose us

Our customers use our products to help solve a wide range of different problems and challenges – from network security forensics to application performance troubleshooting and fault diagnostics.

When organizations buy our products they buy the confidence that all of the network traffic will be captured, analyzed, stored or sent to wherever it needs to go. For network forensics and diagnostics knowing you’ve got every packet captured, indexed, and written to disk is a huge advantage. It allows the teams responsible for maintaining and protecting the network to work fast and effectively when the chips are down.

There are three main reasons why our customers buy Endace products:

  • Performance: We have built our reputation on creating products that work reliably and provide industry-leading performance. Our packet capture products deliver 100% packet capture regardless of network speeds, types or loads and they provide nanosecond-level time stamping accuracy on every packet recorded. Find out why 100% accurate packet capture matters for network security and network performance monitoring.
  • Scalability: Our products can capture up to 40Gpbs at line rate natively and, using EndaceAccess™ Network Visibility Head-Ends, offer a true 100Gbps monitoring and recording solution. With industry-leading storage capacity of up to 192TB per appliance, and true capture-to-storage rates up to a sustained 40Gbps, Endace network monitoring and recording solutions can scale to meet the needs of the fastest networks on the planet.
  • Open architecture: We believe you should be able to leverage your investment in monitoring and recording infrastructure to enhance the performance of your chosen security and network performance monitoring applications. We've designed our products to integrate easily with a wide range of commercial, open-source and custom-developed applications, so customers can choose the applications that best suits their needs. We call this Fusion. Find out more about our Fusion technologies and Fusion Partner Ecosystem.