Endace Sponsors Open Source Suricata Conference

Washington D.C., USA — November 9, 2016 — Endace, a world leader in high-speed network monitoring and recording technology, is a sponsor of Suricon, which kicks off on Wednesday November 9th at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza in Washington D.C. Suricon, which draws attendees from around the world (including Suricata project contributors, developers and users), is the annual conference for the community behind the popular open-source intrusion detection (IDS) application, Suricata.

Many of Endace’s customers use DAG™ data capture cards with Suricata because of the DAG card’s ability to accurately capture 100% of network traffic without dropping packets--even on high-speed, heavily-loaded network links. This ensures that a complete and accurate source of data can be made available to the Suricata IDS application, dramatically reducing false-negative alerts even on lightly-loaded links.

Endace DAG cards have long been a popular choice for users of open-source cybersecurity and network monitoring applications because DAG’s dedicated hardware-based packet capture removes packet capture overhead from the host’s CPU, freeing up CPU resources for use by the application and substantially improving application performance. Support for open standards, Linux drivers and a standard API interface also make DAG cards easy to integrate with open source projects.

Endace CEO, Stuart Wilson, says the open source community has always been important for the analytics market: “There are some extremely robust and mature open source projects, particularly in the cybersecurity space. We see a lot of innovation coming from these communities and we’ve have always been a strong supporter of projects like Suricata. I’m proud to have served the OISF board for over 4 years from inception, and we continue to contribute to the project.”

Wilson says Endace’s recent launch of its dual-port DAG 10X2-S card was in part driven by a desire to ensure that sophisticated hardware packet capture is universally affordable and accessible for open-source communities such as Suricata.

“The market now expects premium capture technology at a reasonable price point, and we have given the market exactly that with the DAG 10X2-S. We’ve seen extremely strong demand for this new card since we launched it.”

Priced at just $2500, the DAG10X2-S provides 100% accurate packet capture on 1/10Gbps links, and offers sophisticated onboard filtering, duplication and steering of captured traffic.

For organizations interested in using Suricata with DAG cards, Endace has provided a technical brief and will be attending Suricon this week to outline the benefits DAG technology can offer the Suricata community.