Endace Launches New Network Recorder to Help Financial Traders with Regulatory Compliance

Auckland, New Zealand — June 5, 2017 — Endace, a world leader in high-speed network recording and network history playback, announced the release of the new EndaceProbe™ 4100-TR Network Recorder, designed specifically to meet the needs of financial traders.

Financial Traders face ever-increasing compliance requirements to record trade side network traffic and need tools to investigate network issues such as micro-bursts. Space constraints in co-located trading sites mean these tools must be very compact.

The compact, 1RU 4100-TR delivers 100% accurate recording of network traffic and nanosecond accurate timestamping. It captures network traffic at line rate from up to eight 10GbE or two 40GbE links with sustained write-to-disk rate of 15Gbs into 7.6Tb of SSD-based storage. This delivers an accurate, complete record of trading history that can be archived to meet regulatory obligations and used for algorithmic tuning and network troubleshooting.

Nanosecond precision allows analysts to zoom in and investigate micro-burst performance issues that are otherwise extremely difficult to solve. Traders can also use the Playback feature to replay recorded trade data for algorithmic tuning.

The 4100-TR supports the Endace Provenance™ feature, which watermarks recorded network history every second with more than 160 fields of rich, contextual data including timing information such as source, status and accuracy of time synchronization used for transaction timestamping. This enables traders to comply with regulations such as MiFID-II which becomes mandatory for traders in Europe as of Jan 3, 2018.

Endace CEO, Stuart Wilson, says financial traders have very specific needs, and the new 4100-TR was purpose-built to meet their requirements

”Traders must meet tough regulatory obligations under regulations like RegNMS and MiFID-II, while also ensuring their networks are ultra-fast and ultra-reliable,” says Wilson. “Performance issues – even short-lived or intermittent ones - can be extremely costly in high-frequency trading.”

Wilson says Endace designed the 4100-TR to provide “everything Traders need in a network recorder and nothing they don’t.” Which is why Endace can offer the 4100-TR at a very competitive price.

Endace will introduce the EndaceProbe 4100-TR, and other new products for the Financial Trading industry, at the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) Summits in New York (June 5), Chicago (June 20) and London (June 26). The 4100-TR is available for order in June.