Endace launches new central management server

Auckland, NZ, January 8, 2007 Endace Limited (LSE/AIM: EDA), a world leader in network monitoring, application acceleration and high speed packet capture solutions, today announced the launch of its Ninja Central Management Server (CMS), which enables organizations to manage centrally hundreds of NinjaProbe appliances easily and efficiently through a browser-based console. With NinjaProbe appliances becoming an integral part of many high speed networks, the Endace CMS allows administrators to directly monitor and maintain the performance of critical applications and infrastructure, without incurring the cost of multiple management platforms or expensive site visits.

Administrators can use the CMS to issue group commands for platform configuration, remote license activation and system upgrades, as well as interact one-on-one with specific systems where needed. This concept of manageable groups allows users to efficiently partition complex deployments into logical subsets, by categorizing NinjaProbes for common configuration and control.

"NinjaProbe is a compelling proposition for operators looking to reduce the number of sensors, appliances and monitoring devices that are deployed throughout their networks. Our probe's support for high speed packet capture and multiple monitoring and analysis applications is perfectly complemented by a common and comprehensive Ninja CMS" commented Stuart Wilson, CTO Endace Limited.

Ninja CMS is a highly secure client-server solution, supporting Radius AAA or TACACS+ user authentication and offering multi-level operator accessibility. Graphical Central Management Console (CMC) capabilities are delivered to any web browser either locally or over SSL, and SSH encrypted communication channels are used between the CMS and NinjaProbes. In addition, Ninja CMS also makes effective use of public/private key techniques for remote probe login without the need for local user-id and password storage.

"Given that NinjaProbes are now used for a wide range of traffic monitoring, network protection and regulatory compliance purposes, extremely tight security is rightly expected of a central management server," continued Wilson. "Endace has succeeded in providing a consolidated management interface for traffic monitoring equipment and applications, with multi-operator granularity and secure access privileges."