Endace Launches DAG 9.5G4 and 9.5G4F cards

Auckland, New Zealand - May 22, 2018 — Endace, a world leader in high-speed network recording, network history playback and analytics hosting, today announced the release of two new next generation 4-port packet capture cards for 10/100/1000Base-T environments.

The new quad port DAG 9.5G4 and 9.5G4F models are successors to Endace’s hugely popular DAG7.5G4 model and take advantage of new technologies to deliver new features at less than half the cost of the current DAG 7.5G4.

The DAG 9.5G4 and 9.5G4F models offer the same easy integration, high-performance, hardware acceleration and reliability that Endace DAG cards are renowned for. System builders and OEM’s can build 100% accurate packet capture into their solutions and realize the significant performance benefits of hardware acceleration with just a few hours integration effort. DAG Cards natively support a wide range of open-source applications, including Wireshark, Bro, SNORT and Suricata, and any libpcap application through DAG-enabled libraries. Not only do system integrators realize substantial boosts to application performance they also enjoy low software integration and maintenance costs over the life of their project. Designed for high reliability with passive cooling, DAG cards are used in mission critical applications where cards often remain in place for many years.

The DAG 9.5G4F introduces a unique built-in failover mode for tapping network links or deploying inline applications. Failover enables direct network access without expensive external copper taps or bypass switches. The failover feature allows the card to be used for in-line applications as well as for passive monitoring, making it ideal for OEMs building in-line solutions.

“These new DAG 9.5G4 and 9.5G4F models really set a new price level for high-performance 10/100/1000Base-T packet capture,” says Cary Wright, Endace’s VP Product Management. “Customers can access all the advanced features of DAG to accelerate their applications and ensure 100% accurate packet capture with zero packet loss.”

Both the 9.5G4 and 9.5G4F feature standard DAG Card functionality such as interrupt free, zero copy, packet capture direct-to-memory and onboard, hardware-based, filtering, duplication and steering. They also provide on-board processing for a host of enterprise and encapsulation protocols, such as MPLS and VLAN for load balancing, classification and filtering.

Wright says the new models are expected to be every bit as popular as the popular DAG 7.5G4 Cards they replace.

“The 7.5G4 has been one of the most successful DAG Cards in Endace’s history. Customers love them because they’re ultra-reliable, high performance and really easy-to-use. Our new 9.5G4 and 9.5G4F have all the benefits of the 7.5G4, plus a host of extra features, at a much lower price.”