Endace introduces range of high performance SNORT sensors

Auckland, NZ, December 18, 2007 Endace Limited (“Endace” or “the Company”; LSE/AIM: EDA), a world leader in network monitoring, application acceleration and high speed packet capture solutions, today announced the continued expansion of its NinjaBox™ portfolio to include managed Snort® sensors, capable of line rate intrusion detection at up to 10 Gb/s. The products successfully combine Endace’s proven multi-core Snort acceleration platform, NinjaBox-Z, with the sophisticated open source management toolset obtained through the Company’s recent acquisition of Applied Watch Technologies LLC (“Applied Watch”). This approach allows users to easily upgrade their over-loaded intrusion detection sensors and add comprehensive remote management capabilities while retaining their existing Snort configurations and rulesets.

“There was a clear need for one vendor to offer a scalable and affordable IDS solution that uses an open source software solution, while scaling through the 1G performance barrier, and onward to 10G,” said Steve Gleave, VP Marketing for Endace. “Off the shelf Snort solutions have been hampered by serious performance limitations on standard server platforms and with complex command line interfaces for configuration and control. Our customers have been telling us repeatedly that they want their open source solutions to be more manageable, run faster, with no packets dropped and multiple rulesets applied.”

Endace’s range of IDS sensors is built on a NinjaBox-Z foundation; a server that provides the capability to run multiple instances of Snort, on multi-core CPUs, by intelligently load-balancing traffic from a single high speed Ethernet segment. With the inclusion of the Applied Watch Agent, Endace sensors can now be configured quickly and managed remotely. Alerts generated by the sensor are directed towards the Applied Watch Command Center for appropriate alarming and corrective action. The Applied Watch Command Center can also be used for automated ruleset retrieval, testing and download to any number of remote sensors, simultaneously.

“Open source security software has been widely accepted across all market segments,” added Gleave. “Endace continues to focus on further enabling these and other applications as part of our commitment to supplying the industry with the best, most complete and affordable monitoring solutions for high performance networks.”

NinjaBox-Z solutions with two 1G or 10G interfaces, four or eight CPU cores and Applied Watch capabilities are available now. Pricing starts at $25,000.00.