Endace delivers traffic replay capabilities for most precise recreation of high speed network events

Auckland, New Zealand and Chantilly, VA - August 27, 2008 - Endace Limited (LSE/AIM: EDA), a world leader in network monitoring solutions, today announced enhancements to their leading NinjaProbe appliance that now allow the platform to capture, store and playback network traffic at speeds approaching 10Gb/s. These capabilities permit network operators to replay events on their network exactly as they occurred, providing the ability to recreate real network scenarios, identify the cause and effect of alarm conditions, load and test networking and security equipment and actively study user experiences for services like video on demand. Until now, testing has relied on expensive equipment to generate synthetic test patterns; an approach that does not reflect real world traffic conditions and therefore fails to allow for proper network optimization.

Deployed as consolidated monitoring equipment and driving a full range of preferred monitoring applications, NinjaProbe is deployed by network operations and security officers alike, unobtrusively monitoring every packet on network links, writing a copy of each packet to system memory and simultaneously adding a time stamp with nano-second granularity. With on-board storage now expandable to 128TB, NinjaProbe can store days, weeks and even months of monitored data.

“While customers are already familiar with NinjaProbe’s wire-speed traffic capture capabilities, our addition of synchronized traffic replay, even across multiple probes, adds a new dimension to network monitoring and trouble-shooting,” highlighted Stephen Gleave, VP of Marketing at Endace. “After precisely time-stamping every captured packet, NinjaProbe can now accurately replay stored data while maintaining inter-packet delay intervals, guaranteeing recreation of the originally monitored traffic.”

Mirroring the exponential growth of content replay in mainstream applications, capture/replay capabilities are fast becoming de facto requirements for network operators. With end users demanding both high speed connectivity and an improved quality of experience, operators must be able to recreate the exact characteristics of a customer session for a broad range of network speeds and services. “High volume data storage coupled to accurate data replay is the equivalent of network CCTV, giving operators the reassurance that they can readily share a previous user experience, and quickly isolate issues that might be impacting network performance,” Gleave added.