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04 February 2008

Endace delivers single-device solution for InfiniBand data capture, filter and analysis

Auckland, New Zealand, February 5th, 2007 Endace Limited (LSE/AIM: EDA), a world leader in network monitoring solutions, today announced immediate availability of its Ninja InfiniBand™ portfolio, an exclusive combination of network taps, high speed capture platforms and analytical software. Already guaranteeing packet capture on TDM, SONET/SDH and Ethernet interfaces, Endace's range of NinjaBox development platforms and NinjaProbe network appliances now also support the InfiniBand interface, for deployment within high performance computing clusters. The solution includes a 24 port configurable tap and the industry's first InfiniBand plug-in for Wireshark thereby facilitating on-board data analysis and obviating the need for remote distribution of large capture files.

"The Ninja InfiniBand solution solves a long-standing industry problem by providing a method to tap, capture, measure, and analyze InfiniBand traffic without impacting the operation of these low-tolerance networks," said Gerald Combs of CACE Technologies, original author of Wireshark, the popular open-source network protocol analyzer. "It is gratifying to see support for a new network topology added to Wireshark, and considering the inherent requirements for InfiniBand capture, this is especially exciting," continued Combs.

The InfiniBand solution includes a NinjaITM, a programmable, bi-directional physical layer InfiniBand Tap Matrix switch. Enabling up to 12 InfiniBand links to be monitored on-demand, the entirely passive and application-transparent tap causes no disruption when installed or reconfigured. Traffic filtering and analysis is performed on a NinjaBox 4/8-core Linux server system, or the hardened NinjaProbe appliance.

"InfiniBand continues to grow as a preferred method of inter-connection in super computing environments. Our InfiniBand package extends the reach of Endace monitoring solutions into this critical area," said Steve Gleave, VP of Marketing for Endace. "NinjaBox and NinjaProbe platforms provide a single, unified environment to monitor widely deployed local and wide area network interface."

About Endace

For more than 15 years, Endace has provided high-speed, network recording and visibility solutions to monitor and protect some of the world’s largest, most complex networks. Customers include global banks, telcos and service providers, media and broadcast companies, health organizations, retailers, e-commerce and web giants, governments and large enterprises. Customers choose Endace technology because it can monitor and capture network traffic with 100% accuracy regardless of network speeds or loads. It can scale to meet the needs of the fastest networks and is built on an open architecture that enables integration with a wide variety of custom, open source and commercial solutions.

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