Endace Brings 100 Percent Visibility to High Speed Networks

Latest Software Release from Endace Systems Brings Real-Time Network-Wide Anomaly Detection and Integrated Packet Forensics to 1, 10, 40 & 100Gbps Networks

Auckland, New Zealand - March 2, 2012 - Endace, world leaders in network monitoring and recording, today announced the launch of OSm 5.0, the latest software release for their range of 100 percent accurate high speed network monitoring and recording systems. OSm 5.0 introduces a range of important new features to OSm that assists organizations in unleashing the true power of a 100 percent accurate network monitoring and recording fabric. It offers:

  • Real time indexing of monitored packet flows
  • Application classification
  • Real time network-wide anomaly detection
  • Traffic visualization capability
  • One-click network-wide data mining
  • Granular access controls for fine-grain user administration

At the heart of OSm 5.0 is EndaceVision™, a new browser-based application that gives authorized users the ability to see deep inside their global high speed networks with 100 percent accuracy. EndaceVision is accessed through a web browser, is optimized for use on tablets and presents users with a single consolidated view of all the information collected by the monitoring and recording fabric. Using EndaceVision network and security engineers can:

  • Set up and monitor a range of alarms for network performance, network latency and security anomalies through a single consolidated dashboard
  • Visualize traffic related to any kind of event or anomaly by bandwidth utilization – down to 100 microsecond resolution and application type
  • Drill down into traffic using an elegant workflow to access higher resolution information about a particular host, user or application
  • Overlay detected anomalies on top of traffic visualizations to add color and context to an investigation
  • Share visualizations among users utilizing integrated screen sharing capabilities and save standard visualizations for future reference
  • Download packets of interest associated with an event from any point across the network for a full forensic investigation inside a protocol decoder.

With the inclusion of the new application classification capability, Endace Systems have the ability to recognize nearly 600 different applications. With visibility into the application layer, organizations can, for the first time, truly understand which applications are running on the network and how the presence of different applications impacts performance and behavior. In a world where more and more applications are migrating to the web, the ability to distinguish them is critical for effective network management.

OSm 5.0 enables organizations to:

  • Improve network uptime through continuous, proactive monitoring of key metrics such as bandwidth utilization, network latency and network security
  • Speed the time to visibility on service-affecting network events by connecting engineers to the actual packets of interest in the shortest possible time
  • Reduce the operational costs associated with network management through a common visibility infrastructure shared by multiple operational teams
  • Unlock latent network potential by optimizing asset utilization through deep application-level visibility into the network

“Effective management and optimization of converged networks yields enormous business value for our customers,” said Spencer Greene, senior vice president of product management at Endace. “EndaceVision enhances our customers’ ability to see, investigate and remediate issues faster than ever before, which is having a direct impact on the productivity of their operational teams and the wider organization.”

“Operations teams need to establish fine-grained, application-aware visibility from the network perspective,” said Jim Frey, managing research director at Enterprise Management Associates. “With EndaceVision, Endace is taking direct aim at proving that it is not only possible, but practical to deploy monitoring technologies and infrastructure that can be shared between NetOps and NetSec teams, in the service of reducing cost, streamlining collaboration and improving resilience.”

OSm 5.0 is available this quarter, and is delivered as standard with every Endace System purchased. Endace Systems start at $20,000.