Endace Announces Women in Technology Scholarships with University of Waikato

AUCKLAND, New Zealand Oct. 25, 2022 – Founded more than two decades ago, Endace has become the authority in packet capture technology for cybersecurity, network and application performance. Having arisen from University of Waikato as a start-up, Endace is going back to its roots by awarding Women in Technology Scholarships to full-time female students who intend to pursue a career in technology in New Zealand. According to Endace, this is only one part of several initiatives aimed at helping women gain ascent in the technological field.

In collaboration with the University of Waikato, two scholarships are being awarded to female students who have applied to enrol full-time (120-points) in the following degree programmes:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons), or
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Software Engineering.

The Scholarships have a value of $10,000 plus the potential for a work placement. Two scholarships will be awarded each year for three years, one to a student in their final year and one to a student in their first year of study or above.

Endace is a staunch supporter of the need to encourage more women into the tech industry, and this scholarship is an example of that commitment.

"We recognise the valuable contribution that women can make in the tech industry, " says Stuart Wilson, Endace's CEO. "The Women in Technology Scholarship is just one of the ways Endace is working to support and encourage women pursuing careers in technology. We are committed to empowering women and creating a more balanced and innovative workforce."

University of Waikato Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Bryony James, also a professor in engineering, welcomes the support from Endace. “Industry support is vital for helping the next generation of students, and in this case, particularly women. These students will go on to help society through their problem-solving and acquired technology expertise, and we are very grateful for the support of Endace to help nurture female tech talent in this way.”

Applications are opening on 15 November 2022 and can be made via the University of Waikato, MyWaikato portal. Full eligibility requirements can be found at Waikato.ac.nz

The closing date for applications is February 15th, 2023.