Endace announces availability of NinjaProbe appliance family

Auckland, New Zealand - 1 August, 2007

Endace Limited (LSE/AIM: EDA), a world leader in network monitoring solutions today announced the release of its NinjaProbe network monitoring appliance family. With NinjaProbe, Endace becomes the first vendor to offer application-independent monitoring infrastructure that provides complete coverage for networks up to 10 Gigabit.

The increasing volume and diversity of business-critical network communications coupled with tighter regulatory controls has made it essential to monitor and analyze network traffic. This has driven network operators to implement multiple point-solutions for network security and performance monitoring. Endace’s NinjaProbe family delivers a manageable infrastructure with the flexibility for monitoring applications to scale and adapt to meet the most demanding needs, present and future. Users benefit from precise visibility into every application, protocol, and element on their network, with the ability to scrutinise all network traffic with whichever analysis software they prefer.

“The NinjaProbe family of application-independent appliances represents a significant shift in the way our customers can now deploy their monitoring infrastructure. By delivering an easy to deploy network-wide monitoring infrastructure we are providing our customers the flexibility, manageability, and scalability they demand,” said Mike Riley, VP Worldwide Marketing of Endace. “The power of our industry leading DAG interface technology means we can offer unrivalled network connectivity options and deliver our customers the granularity of information they need to have a complete view of their networks.”