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24 March 2010

Endace Announces the Launch of the DAG 9.2X2 - The World's First Full Duplex 10Gb/s Capable PCIe Gen 2 Packet Capture Card

Endace, world leaders in high-speed network security solutions based on proprietary DAG® (Data Acquisition and Generation) packet capture technology, today announced the launch of the DAG 9.2X2 - the world’s first dual port 10 Gigabit per second (Gb/s) PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 2 packet capture card.

The 9.2X2 is based on Altera’s high-performance Stratix® IV GX FPGA. The 9.2X2 is capable of capturing every packet (to host memory), regardless of packet size, on a full-duplex 10 Gb/s Ethernet link. Targeted at government agencies, telecommunications companies and large enterprises that demand the “power to see all” on their high-speed networks, the card is available for purchase immediately.

Neil Livingston, chief product officer at Endace, said: “This is a significant milestone for Endace. With the help and support of Altera, we’ve been able to overcome the many challenges associated with delivering every packet to host memory on a fully saturated bi-directional link at 20 Gb/s. By leveraging Stratix IV GX FPGAs and PCIe Gen 2 x8 bus technology, we were able to overcome significant bandwidth limitations. By providing two enhanced Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP+) optical transceivers, we lower power consumption, which results in the 9.2X2 being our most powerful and energy efficient card to date.”

“This launch also marks a second significant milestone for Endace as it coincides with the sale of our 10,000th DAG card,” Livingston added.

“Altera’s advanced FPGA solutions have a proven track record for providing high-speed packet processing, and we are pleased Endace based their DAG 9.2X2 around our Stratix IV GX FPGA,” said Amr El-Ashmawi, strategic business and market development manager in Altera’s military/aerospace business unit. “The DAG 9.2X2 is a highly effective monitoring system, providing several advanced capabilities that will greatly benefit the intelligence community.”

The DAG 9.2X2

  • Utilizes SFP+ pluggable optical transceivers supporting IEEE 802.3ae 10 Gb/s Ethernet
  • Delivers 100-percent capture for all frames from 64 to 9600 bytes to host memory
  • Is designed to integrate easily into host platforms with x8 lane PCI Express 2.0 bus compatibility
  • Supports precise nanosecond packet time stamping with clock synchronization from external time references including GPS and CDMA
  • Offers support for industry standard packet capture format [libPCAP/WinPCAP].

The 9.2X2 can be purchased as a standalone card, or it can be deployed inside a 3000 or 7000 EndaceProbe. The 9.2X2 is the packet capture engine behind Endace’s recent 10 Gb/s Intrusion Detection product introduction.

About Endace

For more than 15 years, Endace has provided high-speed, network recording and visibility solutions to monitor and protect some of the world’s largest, most complex networks. Customers include global banks, telcos and service providers, media and broadcast companies, health organizations, retailers, e-commerce and web giants, governments and large enterprises. Customers choose Endace technology because it can monitor and capture network traffic with 100% accuracy regardless of network speeds or loads. It can scale to meet the needs of the fastest networks and is built on an open architecture that enables integration with a wide variety of custom, open source and commercial solutions.

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