Network Performance Monitoring

High-performance recording solutions for
Network Performance Monitoring and Management

100% Accuracy for Network Performance Monitoring and Management

When network performance affects user access and satisfaction, there are countless possible scenarios that can be plaguing the network. High-performance EndaceProbe™ Network Recorders are designed to provide the performance, reliability, processing power, and open architecture needed to integrate with today’s network and application management solutions.

As 10GbE networks continue to proliferate, network managers need microsecond-level granularity to sift through the data needed to monitor and troubleshoot their high-speed networks as quickly as possible. When combined with EndaceVision™ Network Visibility, EndaceProbes allow network operations (NetOps) teams to quickly and easily identify issues, and optionally pass the relevant data to third party tools. This dramatically improves root cause isolation and mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).

Generating NetFlow from routers and switches can take a significant performance toll on critical network elements, particularly at high line rates or in mobile transaction environments where transactions may be short and generate many more NetFlow sessions than typical network transactions. In situations where element performance and network visibility are equally important it makes good sense to deploy a dedicated vendor-independent NetFlow generator to carry the load. EndaceFlow™ NetFlow Generators can generate pure (unsampled) NetFlow at full line rate up to 40Gbps and act as a load balancer between collectors to ensure delivery of 100% accurate NetFlow in V5, V9 or IPFIX formats.

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