Scalable Network and Security Monitoring with Endace and Ixia

Ixia Visibility Solutions provide real-time, end-to-end visibility into physical, virtual, and cloud deployments, delivering control, coverage and performance to seamlessly protect and optimize crucial networking, datacenter and cloud business assets.

Ixia’s Vision portfolio of Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) allows network and security teams to detect and investigate threats hiding inside encrypted packets, filter and steer traffic to make best use of their precious tool resources and efficiently deploy new security analytics solutions so they can respond to new and emerging threats.

Ixia's Vision series NPB's offer an easy-to-use, web-based GUI that makes it simple to direct traffic flows, duplicate and load-balance traffic, apply filters and decrypt encrypted traffic. They provide fine grained control over what traffic is directed to EndaceProbes for recording, to security and performance analytics solutions hosted on the EndaceProbe platform, and to other performance and security analytics tools.

For more information, download the solution brief.


See it in Action

Monitoring market feed quality using Ixia TradeVision, Splunk and EndaceProbe

Monitoring the quality of market feed data from trading exchanges, and the ability to quickly detect and resolve issues is critical for high-frequency traders.

This short video shows how Ixia TradeVision, running on an Ixia Vision ONE Network Packet Broker, can be combined with Splunk and EndaceProbes to monitor feed quality and deliver powerful detection, and rapid resolution, of market feed issues.

Stacking EndaceProbes with Ixia Vision One

One of the key advantages of the EndaceProbe's modular architecture is that it enables multiple EndaceProbes to be stacked together into logical units to increase storage capacity or recording speed. Typically this is done using a Network Packet Broker (NPB) such as Ixia's Vision One.

Find out more about stacking EndaceProbes with Ixia Vision One NPBs for a highly scalable network-wide recording solution with petabytes of network history and supporting sustained capture speeds of 100Gbps and beyond.

How about a Demo?

Interested in finding out how you can combine Ixia's Vision One series NPBs with EndaceProbes to create a powerful, flexible network and security monitoring infrastructure?

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