Endace Adds 10G Snort IDS Capabilities to NinjaProbe Appliances

Auckland, New Zealand, May 19, 2008 - Endace Limited (LSE/AIM: EDA), a world leader in network monitoring solutions, today announced the addition of Snort® IDS, Applied Watch Command Center Agent and data mining features to the NinjaProbe™, further enhancing the premier passive capture capabilities of Endace’s hardened, secure and centrally managed product portfolio.

“Leveraging our unique application acceleration technology and exclusive Applied Watch security information manager, we can now deliver an easily deployable, powerful and secure rules-matching engine as part of our comprehensive NinjaProbe appliance portfolio,” said Stephen Gleave, VP Marketing at Endace. “In turn, this allows network security engineers to choose a managed appliance running the most widely deployed open source intrusion detection software system on segments up to 10Gbps. Our ability to simultaneously capture all traffic to disk also ensures that when a rule is triggered, network analysts can immediately mine any related data that might have traversed the network both before and after the alert.”

NinjaProbes are powered by Endace’s market leading DAG® technology. The family of manageable appliances is designed to be deployed ubiquitously across the network, from the edge to the core. Remote management capabilities are now also provided for Snort rule definition, download and alerting along with in-depth data mining and complete platform configuration. Ninjaprobe also supports traffic filtering and Netflow record generation, enabling network operators to deploy appliances that meet the full range of intrusion detection, data capture, performance management, traffic monitoring and electronic surveillance requirements.

“Our acquisition of Applied Watch has enabled Snort management tools to be tightly integrated with NinjaProbe,” commented Mike Riley, CEO of Endace. “Not only have we raised the performance bar for IDS appliances, we have also raised the price/performance bar in a market which continues to demand more for less.”

Pricing for Ninjaprobe IDS appliance starts at $28,825.00