Fusion Partnership

The Benefits of Fusion Partnership

Fusion partners help Endace’s ultra-blue-chip customers to keep their networks and applications working securely at the performance level expected by today’s demanding consumers. SecOps, DevOps and NetOps teams need powerful and efficient ways to accomplish this.

Together with our Fusion partners we help turn that need into reality.

Our open, packet capture, recording and hosting platform makes it easy for customers to trial and adopt new solutions. They can try new solutions easily, deploying them in software on our platform, eliminating the need for forklift upgrades or lengthy hardware roll-outs.

This greatly lowers the barrier to entry for customers looking to trial new solutions, reducing sales cycles and increasing the speed of adoption of your solution.

Integrating with the EndaceProbe Analytics Platform can help your application to shine

Running your application in the EndaceProbe's Application Dock™ hosting environment and using the powerful API to integrate Network History into your application has significant benefits:

  • 100% packet capture – Your application will gain access to a 100% accurate, nanosecond timestamped packet history so your customers have the definitive evidence they need at their fingertips for troubleshooting and investigations.
  • High Performance - Endace’s Application Dock hosting environment and EndaceProbe high performance hardware provides high-speed packet access courtesy of Endace DAG 100% packet capture cards. Your application can take advantage of the acceleration DAG cards offer, to deliver high-performance when running on EndaceProbes.
  • Easy integration – Our Application Dock hosting environment and easy to use API’s.make it simple to port your application to run on EndaceProbes and integrate Network History so your application can provide your customers with easy access to definitive packet-history for troubleshooting. Your application can access live traffic at full line rate, or analyze historical traffic using the EndaceProbe's Playback feature.
  • Deploy on demand - Removes the need for your customers to schedule hardware installs or truck rolls in order to deploy your solution.

How the Fusion Program Works

We work with our Fusion Partners to:

  • help them port their applications to run on Application Dock and validate performance
  • integrate their solutions with the Network History using the EndaceProbe's powerful APIs.
  • build comprehensive collateral, engage sales teams and deliver co-marketing marketing programs to build joint sales momentum.
  • educate and inform the market through joint PR and communications activity.

Find out more about the Fusion Program

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