The Truth is in the Packets
Why Packet Capture Matters.

For large organizations, the cost of impaired network performance or unplanned downtime, can be thousands of dollars per hour

The cost of security breaches can be even more astronomical, causing lost customers, severe brand and reputational damage, costly legal action and potentially wiping millions off a company’s valuation.

Which makes rapid, accurate incident response and root cause analysis a critical business imperative.

Fast and effective response to security and network performance issues means being able to see what's happening on the network, and quickly identify the root cause of issues when they are detected. With surety.

Despite having an abundance of security and network monitoring tools at their disposal, many organizations still struggle with effective problem investigation and remediation. It's slow and, worse still, it's often inconclusive.

Problem One

An Incomplete Picture

Monitoring tools often see an incomplete view of network activity. Frequently they rely on meta information - such as NetFlows - or incompletely captured traffic. This simply doesn't provide sufficient detail to reliably identify when an issue has occurred or gain insight into the root cause.

On heavily loaded and high-speed networks the problem gets even worse. Many security and network monitoring solutions simply can't keep up and drop packets as a result. Which means they can simply miss seeing what's happening altogether.

Endace's high-performance EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platform, provide 100% accurate packet capture and high-fidelity NetFlow generation even on the fastest networks. Without missing a packet.

Problem Two

Lack of Historical Data for Accurate Forensics

An incomplete record of network activity makes it next to impossible to quickly investigate an issue to determine what happened.

In the event of a data breach, for example, you need to be able to quickly understand what happened, how it happened, and what systems or data sources were compromised. And do it quickly.

With an accurate, packet-level history of network activity, you can reconstruct events, and drill down to the actual network packets to pinpoint precisely what took place. Without packets, there's only theories and guesswork that can't be proven for sure one way or the other.

EndaceVision™, the browser-based visualization tool bundled with every EndaceProbe, provides network-wide visualization, packet search and retrieval across an entire monitoring and recording fabric, making forensic analysis of security and network performance events fast and efficient.

Network Visibility you can Trust

Organizations require a fundamentally different approach to network visibility. To become truly agile and responsive, they need to proactively capture and record network traffic so they can identify and respond to issues quickly and efficiently.

When SecOps and NetOps teams need to analyze traffic and drill down to packet level to investigate an event, a full copy of the traffic is available to provide proof of what has happened.

Our high-speed, 100% accurate packet capture and recording technology is the product of more than 15 years of extensive research and development, and deliver 100% accurate visibility into network traffic regardless of network types, speeds or loads.

But I have NetFlow, why do I need Packets?

NetFlow is summary data - it doesn't contain the packet payload.

Packet data is essential if, for instance, you want to reconstruct a security breach to uncover exactly what data was taken.

While NetFlow is useful data for monitoring tools looking for possible security or performance problems, packet data is often essential to be able to investigate that event and reach a definitive conclusion about what took place.

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