Ultimate scalability to 100Gbps and beyond

We provide 100% accurate network recording for some of
the world's fastest and most complex networks.

100% accurate network recording and NetFlow generation for high-speed networks

  • EndaceProbe™ and EndaceFlow™ NetFlow Generators provide 100% accurate packet capture and NetFlow generation up to 40Gbps at full line rate
  • Used in conjunction with EndaceAccess™ Network Visibility Head-Ends, EndaceProbes and EndaceFlow NetFlow generators gain full visibility into the traffic on 100Gbps links
  • EndaceCMS™ Central Management Server provides centralized management for connected EndaceProbes, EndaceFlow Generators and EndaceAccess Head-Ends making it easy and cost-effective to maintain an entire estate of monitoring, recording and NetFlow generator appliances
  • EndaceVision™, a browser-based network Visualization tool bundled with every EndaceProbe, provides a network-wide view of recorded traffic for fast, efficient analysis and resolution of security and network performance issues.

Endace Products

Monitoring, recording and NetFlow generation for the fastest networks

EndaceProbe™ Network Recorders and EndaceFlow™ NetFlow Generators are ultra high-performance appliances capable of operating on 40Gbps or multiple 10Gbps links at line rate with missing a packet. Used in conjunction with EndaceAccess™ Network Visibility Head-Ends, which load balance and split 100Gbps traffic into 10Gbps "slices", EndaceProbe and EndaceFlow appliances scale to meet the needs of the fastest networks on the planet. Multiple EndaceProbes can be connected to provide a complete monitoring and recording "fabric" that provides high-fidelity recording across an entire, geographically distributed, network.

The power of DAG

Endace DAG™ Data Acquisition and Generation cards have long been the gold standard for high-speed, 100% accurate packet capture on Ethernet and SONET/SDH networks.

Customers such as large global telcos and banks, high-frequency traders and exchanges, governments, defence agencies and large enterprises use DAG Cards, and our DAG-powered EndaceODE™ Open Application Platforms and EndaceProbes because of their ability to capture 100% of network packets on any network at any speed, and their nanosecond-accurate time-stamping of captured packets. This accuracy and performance ensures recorded traffic provides the necessary level of detail for accurate forensic analysis of security and network performance issues, and allows fast, efficient remediation of problems.

Industry-leading network recording performance

Our EndaceProbe Network Recorders set industry standards in capture accuracy, throughput, storage capacity and port density.

The high-performance, SSD-based EndaceProbe 8100 Series is capable of true, sustained 40Gbps throughput. The high-capacity EndaceProbe 9000 Series provides up to 192TB of storage per appliance and 20Gbps throughput. EndaceProbes offer up to eight 10Gbps (or two 40Gbps) monitoring ports, enabling high-density deployment that reduces rack-space, cooling and power requirements.

A complete monitoring and recording fabric

Multiple EndaceProbes can be connected to form a comprehensive monitoring and recording fabric that provides visibility into, and accurate recording of, network traffic across an entire network - including visibility into high-speed 40Gbps and 100Gbps links. EndaceProbes can also be synchronized with a common, accurate time source - such as a GPS time source - to ensure packet time-stamping retains its nanosecond-level accuracy even across complex, highly distributed networks. This precision makes it possible to reconstruct network events accurately even on distributed networks.

EndaceVision™, the browser-based network visualization application bundled with every EndaceProbe, provides network-wide visualization, search and retrieval of recorded traffic simplifying the forensic analysis of security and network performance issues.

Central management for an entire estate

EndaceCMS™ Central Management Server provides powerful, centralized command and control for an entire estate of EndaceProbes, EndaceFlow NetFlow Generators and EndaceAccess Network Visibility Head-Ends. EndaceCMS enables simple deployment of configuration, system updates and patches across multiple connected appliances, and real-time health monitoring of all appliances in the fabric making it possible to deploy and manage estates of hundreds of appliances efficiently and cost-effectively.

Endace Products