Global time

Support up to 24 ports with GPS or CDMA synchronization

Time Distribution Servers

The Endace TDS 2, TDS 6, and our flagship TDS 24 Time Distribution Server modules provide a scalable solution to provide high quality global time synchronization signals to meet the requirements of your deployment.

All Endace DAG® products are equipped with a standard time synchronization input port, with which the internal clock may be synchronized to an external time standard. When synchronized to an external standard, such as a GPS or CDMA time receiver, the time stamps of packets captured on different physical DAG cards may be accurately compared; for example, packets captured from both directions of a full-duplex link, or packets captured from geographically remote locations. These highly accurate time stamps can be used for QoS monitoring applications, bandwidth measurement, traffic engineering, and one-way packet delay and jitter measurement over long distances.


The Endace TDS 2 takes an external 1PPS time source, either a RS422 input from a Trimble Acutime™ Gold GPS receiver, or RS232 input from a Praecis II CDMA receiver. It distributes this signal to up to two Endace DAG cards.


When additional time synchronization outputs are required, the TDS 2’s capacity may be expanded, six outputs at a time, by attaching TDS 6 units (up to four) without compromising timing accuracy.

TDS 24

TDS 24

The Endace TDS 24 is a 1U Time Distribution Server capable of providing accurate timing information to 24 Endace network monitoring devices. TDS 24 modules can be daisy-chained to provide timing information to more than 500 Endace DAG-based devices.

TDS 24 accepts and distributes both unmodulated IRIG-B and 1PPS timing signals. It can convert an IRIG-B input signal to 1PPS to provide timing outputs to non IRIG-B compatible devices. In this situation the user may select a mixture of the two output types allowing mixed deployment of IRIG-B and PPS devices to be synchronized.

Key Features

  • Provides 24 Endace Timing outputs in a 1U, rack mountable device
  • nS precision with low latency and error characteristics
  • More than 500 Endace DAG-based devices can by synchronized by connecting multiple TDS 24 units
  • Accepts and distributes both unmodulated IRIG-B and 1PPS timing signals
  • IRIG-B input signal can be down-converted to 1PPS to allow mixed IRIG-B and 1PPS deployments

Technical Specification

BNC 1 port.
Accepts unmodulated IRIG-B or 1PPS over TTL
RJ45 1 port
Accepts unmodulated IRIG-B or 1PPS over RS422
BNC 1 port.
Output signal type (IRIG-B or 1PPS) matches that received at the selected input
RJ45 Endace Timing Output Ports 24 ports, arranged in banks of six. If the input signal is IRIG-B then banks may be configured as either IRIG-B or 1PPS
Physical Specifications
Power Supply 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.8 A
Form Factor 1U 19-inch rackmount
Dimensions Height: 1.7 in (43.5mm) Width: 19 in (482.5mm) Length: 9.8 in (246.0mm)
Weight 4.4 lbs (2.0kg)
Operating Temperature 50°F~95°F (10°C~35°C)
Humidity 8~90% non-condensing
Timing Characteristics
Latency 100nS
Error +- 25ns
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