Defend the Cyber Battlespace with Clarity and Confidence

Protecting and securing critical assets is crucial for the success of every mission. When a cyber incident occurs you need to quickly answer these important questions:

  • Who is attacking?
  • Did a data breach occur?
  • How did they get in and what is their goal?
  • How widespread is the damage?
  • How do I neutralise the threat?

Evidence You Can Trust

The world’s largest and most complex militaries rely on Endace to protect and defend their assets on land, sea, air and space in an increasingly hostile cyber landscape.

  • Weaponised Cyber
  • Insider Threats
  • Operational Technology (OT)
  • Zero Day Threats
  • Nation State Attacks
  • Critical Infrastructure
Record Respond.

Record months of network history, to put every detail of every threat right at your fingertips

Continuously record network activity at thousands of deployed locations. Supports large teams simultaneously searching for answers from a central pane-of-glass with results in seconds not hours.

Integrations for Fast, Accurate Incident Resolution

In the heat of battle your team needs to stick with the tools they know well. Turn-key integrations provide one-click access to recorded network history from SIEM, SOAR, IDS, or custom applications driving efficiencies from existing workflows.

An Agile Security Architecture.

Leverage EndaceProbe’s powerful hosting capability to rapidly deploy best-in-breed open source or commercial network security tools.