Is it the network or the application?

Monitoring Critical Application infrastructure at a Global Telco

Endace has a number of large Global telco and services customers.

For these customers, ensuring the safety and reliability of their networks, and the services they deliver across them, is paramount. For telcos and service providers the world over, the network is the business. Performance issues and outages are costly and have the potential to severely damage customer loyalty and brand reputation.

The Problem

One of our telco customers was running a Citrix Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to provide access to core enterprise applications - such as ERP - to overseas channel partners. These partners needed access to these core applications to book sales, check pricing and stock levels and generally carry out their business. Without access to these applications they were stranded, unable to transact business.

Because these channel partners had sales targets to hit, they were understandably concerned that access to these core applications was guaranteed so they could transact business reliably. The telco was bound by strict Service Level Agreements (SLA's) to provide a reliable service. Any outages or slowdowns in performance, that were the telco's responsibility, meant the telco must pay its partner heavy penalties under the terms of the SLA.

Unfortunately, identifying where problems originated was extremely difficult. Performance problems could be caused by components of the applications themselves, the Citrix VDI infrastructure that made these applications available to the partners, or at any number of points between the partner and the telco's datacenter, where the applications and the Citrix VDI infrastructure are hosted.

If a problem occurred somewhere that monitoring tools were not deployed, there was no way the telcos analysts could go back-in-time to investigate the problem to ascertain what caused it (unless they could catch the problem when it was happening), and whether they were liable for penalties under the SLA. As a result, our customer was paying out a fortune in SLA penalties because it couldn't prove whether it was at fault or not.

The Solution

The customer deployed EndaceProbe Analytics Platforms™ at its datacenter and its partner's offices. As a Dynatrace DC-RUM user, the telco was keen to extend DC-RUM's reach to include visibility into the application transactions happening on its link to the partner's offices. They deployed DC-RUM's virtual Agentless Monitoring Device (vAMD) as a hosted application in Application Dock™ on both EndaceProbes. This allowed application transaction-level detail to be collected alongside the packet history, giving analysts detailed information for detecting and investigating any performance issues with VDI transactions.

The Outcome

With Dynatrace's vAMD deployed on EndaceProbes, the customer has complete visibility into the Citrix VDI transactions between their datacenter and the partner's offices. Dynatrace Central Analysis Server (CAS) alerts them to any issues, and from console messages they can click to download the related packet-level Network History, recorded by the EndaceProbe Analytics Platform for analysis in Wireshark or Dynatrace Network Analyzer (DNA).

As a result, the customer can respond quickly to any service-affecting issues before they breach SLA conditions. And with complete visibility into both Citrix transaction information and packet history, they can quickly determine where the fault lies.

Endace Fusion

Monitor critical applications with a suite of market leading technology to ensure your network remains high-functioning and, in the event of an issue, mean-time-to-resolution is minimized.

The Fusion Partner Program brings together solutions from leading security and performance analytics vendors who leverage the EndaceProbe's Application Dock hosting and workflow API to integrate Network History into their applications.

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Find out how the combination of Dynatrace DC-RUM and EndaceProbe Analytics Platforms can give you complete visibility into application and network performance.

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