Senseon AI Cyber Security Platform

Senseon brings an innovative, behavioural-based approach to cyber security. Its AI Triangulation enables it to look beyond anomalies and to investigate suspected threats from multiple points of view. This ensures that genuine alerts are raised for security teams and reduces the time spent sifting through false flags, saving both time and money.

Combined with the EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platform, Senseon enables fast and accurate threat detection and response across an organization, using in-context drill down to full packet data to confidently and accurately investigate network issues and security threats.

Senseon deploys across endpoint devices, Network and Investigator Bots, and looks at potential threats from an outside point of view to detect threats from multiple perspectives.

Deploying EndaceProbes and ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager provides:

  • An AI cybersecurity platform that learns from experience
  • Dramatically reduce false positives through contextual understanding of potential threats
  • Automation of the analysts role to reduce the burden of manual investigation
  • Respond to and remediate incidents quickly and efficiently with streamlined investigation workflows
  • Rapid, conclusive, and actionable investigations, with drill down to packet level detail
  • Definitive evidence trail with an accurate record of all relevant packets

EndaceProbe Analytics Platforms capture, index and store network traffic with 100% accuracy, regardless of network speeds, loads or traffic types.

Application Dock™ extends security and performance monitoring by hosting third party analytics applications on the open EndaceProbe platform.

See it in Action

Watch this short demonstration to see how easy it is to go directly from alerts in Senseon to the related packet-level Network History on the EndaceProbes on the network.

Download Solution Brief

When minutes matter, the combination of the EndaceProbe™Analytics Platform and Senseon AI cybersecurity platform dramatically reduces the time to detect, triage and respond to cybersecurity threats at scale.

For more on the features and benefits of EndaceProbe and Senseon AI cybersecurity platform integration, download the datasheet and book a demo below.

How about a Demo?

Interested in finding out how combining Senseon and Endace can benefit your network security and network monitoring?

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