Capture once,
use everywhere

We believe in a network recording infrastructure
that works with your chosen applications

Work with your chosen tools

Our open architecture allows you to access captured and recorded network traffic from a wide range of third-party commercial, open-source and custom applications:

Endace Products

Our open philosophy gives you the freedom to choose

We recognize investment in network infrastructure is significant, and we’re committed to making sure our customers get the best return on that investment. To ensure this, we follow three simple principles:

  1. We design our solutions to work with a broad range of applications, so customers can choose what suits them best
  2. We make our solutions easy and cost-effective to deploy and manage, reducing the cost of ownership
  3. We ensure our solutions are flexible and scalable so they can keep pace as our customers’ networks grow and their needs evolve.

An Open Architecture

Network monitoring and recording infrastructure should be able to support all of the applications and tools that need access to an accurate and complete source of network data to operate effectively - whether that’s for security, network performance or other purposes. Endace has designed solutions to be compatible with a wide range of applications, giving customers the freedom to choose the tools that best meet their needs without being locked into a single vendor’s solution.

Endace’s open API, industry standard capture formats (PCAP and ERF) and the ability to host third-party applications on EndaceProbes™, via the built-in Application Dock™ VM capability, are all part of what we call Endace Fusion™.

Endace Fusion offers a variety of ways for commercial and open-source partners such as Splunk®, Sourcefire®, Dynatrace®, SNORT®, Wireshark™, Bro™, Suricata™ and others - including in-house developed applications - to integrate easily with Endace solutions and access a single, authoritative and accurate source of network packets.

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