Endace Network Visibility Solutions

How Endace network visibility and network recording solutions
help customers solve industry and application challenges

Solutions by industry

Over the last 15 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of different organizations across a wide range of different industries around the globe.

During that time, we’ve learned a great deal about what organizations in different industries need from network visibility solutions to ensure their networks remain secure, reliable, and compliant.

Industry insights

Given their high levels of reliance on stable, scalable, and secure networks, it stands to reason that telcos, governments, defence, banks, e-commerce and web giants and media companies have driven much of the innovation in the monitoring and security space over the past ten years. They operate some of the most complex and fastest networks on the planet, and are the first to face the challenges of rapidly increasing network speeds and loads - which is where Endace technology excels.

Our customer base reflects this and we continue to provide innovative and highly scalable solutions to all of these industries.

However, as 10 Gbps networking has gone from being niche to mainstream and the network has gone from being 'important' to 'mission critical,' we've found a growing demand for our solutions from large corporations in many other industries too.

How Endace solves specific industry problems

Solutions by application

Customers use our products to solve a wide range of security and network and application performance challenges.

Organization face similar challenges in securing networks, protecting data and ensuring IT infrastructure performs reliably. However, specific industries also have specific needs that we help customers to solve - from complying with regulatory obligations for security, data-protection or lawful intercept to shaving vital milliseconds off the time it takes to complete a trade in a high-frequency trading environment.

Application insights

Rapid growth in network speeds and loads has created huge problems with security and network monitoring tools originally designed for 100Mbps or 1Gbps networks, which are struggling in environments where 10Gbps or faster is now the norm. With virtualization and distributed application infrastructures, gaining visibility into security and performance issues and correlating data from a myriad of log files and devices to identify root cause and remediate issues has become increasingly difficult.

Accurate network recording can help with both these problems, feeding tools with more accurate data even on the fastest networks, and delivering a comprehensive record of network activity for analysing security events, application or network performance issues or investigating data breaches. An accurate record of network packets provides definitive proof of what's happened - enabling SecOps and NetOps teams to identify and resolve issues more quickly and with certainty.

The challenges Endace solutions address