Industries we serve

Network visibility solutions by industry

We work with a wide range of customers around the globe in a range of industries. Here are some of the industries that we provide solutions for and the sorts of challenges we help them to address:

Banking and Finance

IT organizations in the Banking and Financial Services industry are under constant pressure to ensure their networks are delivering 100% uptime, provide robust security, and comply with a myriad of regulatory obligations. Endace's 100% packet capture technology in conjunction with other tools gives NetOps and SecOps teams the packet-level data they require to solve a wide range of challenges.
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Enterprises rely on Endace them keep their networks up and performing optimally at all times, protect confidential data and sensitive customer information, monitor and manage end-user quality of experience (QoE), and meet compliance requirements. Endace provides enterprise security and operations teams with greater visibility into what's happening on their networks.
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For more than a decade, Endace has helped secure and monitor some of the fastest and most sophisticated government and defence networks on the planet. Our data capture technology provides nano-second level time stamping accuracy and multi-site timing guarantees the accuracy of every packet’s time stamp regardless of where in the world the packet was observed. Find out how we help government and defence departments to secure their infrastructure and provide deep visibility into the traffic on their networks.
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Telecommunications, ISPs and MSPs

When the network IS the business and the consequences of downtime are absolute, it's imperative that service providers have the tools at hand to help them ensure the network stays up and users continue to have the best possible experience. Find out how Endace helps telcos, ISPs and MSPs meet the challenges of exponential growth in network speeds and loads.
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Financial Traders

Endace provides highly accurate network monitoring, recording and time stamping capability that enables high-frequency traders to monitor, measure, and analyze critical network environments and ensure compliance with industry regulations like RegNMS and MiFID/MiFID II.
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