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Customers use our products to meet a wide variety of security, network and application performance and data recording needs. Here are some of the challenges that our customers use Endace technology to solve:

Data Breach Analysis

In the event of a security breach, knowing for certain what has been compromised and quickly ascertaining what happened, how it happened, and what systems and data sources have been compromised is critical. Typically, reconstructing events from sources such as log files, alerts and other sources is highly complex, time-consuming and ultimately doesn't deliver sufficient detailed information to build an accurate picture of exactly what happened. Endace network recording solutions provide a complete and accurate record of network activity that enables security and forensic analysts to reconstruct events quickly and accurately.
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Security Monitoring

An ever increasing threat landscape, and increasingly complex, distributed infrastructures present a host of challenges for organizations looking to secure their networks, applications and data. Accelerated growth in network speeds and loads is a challenge for existing security tools which often struggle to perform under the increasing load. SecOps teams are also inundated by floods of alerts and often struggle to efficiently seperate genuine alerts from false positives so they can focus on the real threats. In the event of a genuine threat being detected, they need to be able to quickly ascertain the nature and vector of the attack. Endace network visibility solutions help SecOps teams to reduce the time taken to identify, analyze and respond to security threats.
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Network Performance Monitoring and Management

For many of our customers, such as telcos, MSPs, ISPs, global web and e-commerce giants, the network IS the business. These organizations operate some of the fastest and most complex networks in the world. Keeping these networks operating efficiently 24x7x365 is challenging, particularly with ever increasing network speeds and loads. The ability to quickly identify, analyze and resolve performance-affecting issues is critical. Customers use Endace technology to provide complete visibility into what's happening on their network and help them to reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).
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Application Performance Monitoring

In today's world of web technologies, distributed applications and virtualized environments, networks and applications are inextricably entwined. Identifying the source of application performance issues requires visibility into both the application (and its constituent components) and the network. Using Endace's 100% accurate traffic recording NetFlow generation provides analysts with deep visibility into application and network behavior and performance and reduces mean-time-to-resolution for performance-impacting problems.
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Lawful Intercept

Endace helps a range of customers with 100% accurate network recording solutions that enable them to meet Lawful Intercept obligations.
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SLA Monitoring and Assurance

Measuring performance against agreed SLAs is important for both service providers and their customers. Non-compliance with agreed SLAs can mean expensive penalties for the supplier, and damage to their customers' business. Customers use Endace solutions to establish the root cause of SLA-affecting issues so they can be resolved quickly and to provide irrefutable evidence of which party is responsible.
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Algorithmic Tuning

For customers in the High Frequency Trading business, staying competitive requires continually optimizing their network resources and systems to reduce the time it takes to process trades. Endace helps HFT Traders to accurately capture and replay trade data so they can continually refine their trading algorithms and make them more accurate and efficient.
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Latency Management

For High-Frequency Traders, optimizing the network, and minimizing latency is critical. Every microsecond counts. Endace DAG cards, Network Recorders and Open Application Platforms provide nanosecond-level time stamping of captured network packets, enabling highly accurate latency measurement, and visibility into where in the trading system that latency is occurring - allowing traders to optimize their systems effectively.
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Trade Compliance

Financial institutions need to be able to accurately reconstruct trading events in order to demonstrate compliance with regulations. Our financial trading customers use Endace solutions to provide complete and accurate recording of trade data so they can ensure compliance with regulatory obligations and archive trade data for long-term storage.
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