Micro Focus

Micro Focus ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager

Micro Focus ArcSight helps analysts detect threats in real time and, in combination with the EndaceProbe Analytics Platform, gives analysts a single-pane-of-glass view into threat detection and response. The Micro Focus and Endace combination allows analysts to switch straight from alerts to packets of interest in a single click.

The always-on nature of network recording, combined with the powerful ArcSight SIEM environment, gives security analysts complete visibility into the full impact of security events, allowing them to quickly determine exactly what happened, how it happened and what the impact was.

Deploying EndaceProbes and ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager provides:

  • A SIEM with powerful distributed real-time data correlation
  • Workflow automation, security orchestration
  • Community driven security content
  • Definitive, enterprise-class, packet-level evidence for fast, conclusive threat investigation.
  • An enterprise-class SIEM and packet capture solution combined to deliver the most scalable and efficient security management and forensic solutions in the industry.

See it in Action

Watch this short demonstration to see how easy it is to go directly from alerts in ArcSight to the related packet-level Network History on the EndaceProbes on the network.

Download Solution Brief

When minutes matter, the combination of the EndaceProbe™Analytics Platform and Micro Focus® ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) dramatically reduces the time to detect, triage and respond to cybersecurity threats at scale.

For more on the features and benefits of EndaceProbe and Micro Focus ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager integration, download the solution brief and book a demo below.

How about a Demo?

Interested in finding out how combining Micro Focus ArcSight and Endace can benefit your network security and network monitoring?

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