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Trade compliance, latency measurement and algorithmic tuning solutions for High Frequency Trading

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Endace Solutions for High Frequency Trading (HFT) industry

High-frequency trading accounts for as much as 75% of equity trades in the US. Accurate and timely data has always been at the very heart of the global trading system. Over the past 10 years the trading community has made huge advances in both system and network design in its drive to acquire more information more quickly. Network performance and reduced network latency have now become key components in gaining a competitive edge in transaction trading.

Endace provides highly accurate network monitoring, time stamping and recording capability that enables high-frequency traders to monitor, measure, and analyze critical network environments. Endace’s nano-second level time stamping accuracy and multi-site timing guarantees the absolute real-time accuracy of every packet’s time stamp regardless of where in the world that packet was observed.

In any trading firm there are at least three different groups who are critically reliant on captured network data to perform their specific functions. Algorithm developers, traders, and network operations teams use Endace solutions for: