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  • A number of government-funded CERTs

Government Solutions

IT organizations in government and defence departments have a huge task at hand. Not only are they responsible for keeping critical information flowing and providing essential services to their constituents, but they are also responsible for keeping vital citizen information safe and, in some instances, gathering real-time network data for local and national security.

Endace has helped secure and monitor some of the fastest and most sophisticated government, defence, telecommunication and financial networks on the planet. Our data capture technology provides nano-second level time stamping accuracy and multi-site timing guarantees the absolute real-time accuracy of every packet’s time stamp regardless of where in the world the packet was observed. Having truly reliable packet arrival times means your forensics and security applications can pinpoint, with sub-microsecond accuracy, when and where every packet crossed the network.

Endace DAG™ data capture cards provide 100% packet capture technology that can be easily integrated with proprietary applications and hardware platforms. EndaceProbe™ Network Recorders combine best-in-class hardware, open architecture, management software, and built-in VM based application hosting in a self-contained 1U, 3U or 4U configuration. EndaceODE™ Open Application Platforms provide an open, customizable packet capture platform which delivers high-performance capture for custom-developed packet capture applications.

These technologies give government and defense departments the 100% accurate packet level data for: