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Enterprise Security and Network Management

For enterprises, the need to get accurate and granular visibility into what’s happening on the network is critical. As voice and data networks converge, the network by definition becomes more critical to the business and the need to know what’s happening on it becomes more acute. IT organizations must keep the network up at all times, ensure sensitive customer information is adequately protected, manage end-user quality of experience (QoE), and ensure that compliance requirements are met — and do it all with dwindling resources.

Most organizations today have a range of different tools that provide them with visibility into security threats, DDoS attacks, quality of experience issues, network utilization, and application performance (to mention just a few). But these tools are simply not designed to track the interplay between networks and applications. Most problem resolutions require the use of two or more tools. Even with this, the root cause of a performance issue can often remain hidden. Complete captured data with the ability to drill down to and isolate performance problems within the end-to-end path is needed.

Endace packet capture technology works to provide packet-level data for: