Idappcom’s Distributed Rules Manager (DRM) is a powerful rules management platform that streamlines and automates rule management across large deployments of SNORT™ Intrusion Detection or Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS).

Idappcom and Endace solutions combine for scalable threat detection, accelerated response to security events and reduced threat exposure.

Hosting Idappcom Open Security on EndaceProbes

Idappcom-managed SNORT deployments can be hosted on EndaceProbes in Application Dock. Every packet captured and recorded by the EndaceProbe can also be streamed to these Idappcom-managed SNORT instances in real-time.

Idappcom DRM can manage multiple SNORT instances simultaneously enabling SNORT to be deployed and managed network-wide, wherever EndaceProbes are deployed.

Integrating Idappcom DRM with Network History

Pivot-To-Vision lets security analysts pivot from DRM threat alerts directly to EndaceVision™, the EndaceProbe’s built-in investigation tool, to analyze the related, packet-level Network History.

Being able to get directly to the related packets lets security analysts quickly and conclusively establish the root cause of issues and respond appropriately, dramatically reducing the time to investigate and resolve critical incidents.

See it in Action

Watch this short demo video to see how integrating Idappcom's Distributed Rules Management (DRM) with EndaceProbes makes it easy to manage multi-instance, network-wide SNORT and Suricata deployments.

Idappcom and EndaceProbe

The integration between Idappcom DRM and EndaceProbe is built into DRM. The Idappcom-enabled SNORT VM image is available from Idappcom.

For more information about deploying Idappcom-managed SNORT on EndaceProbes and integrating with Idappcom DRM, log into our:

Endace Support Portal

Redefining Cybersecurity with Idappcom

Idappcom's VP of Business Development, Kieran Caulfield, talks about the power of integrating Idappcom's Distributed Rules Manager with the EndaceProbe Analytics Platform.

How about a Demo?

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