Endace DockOS

DockOS is a VM image that can be deployed in Application Dock™, the EndaceProbe's built-in VM hosting environment.

Based on CentOS Linux, DockOS ships with a number of open-source monitoring and security analytics tools pre-installed.

DockOS provides

  • a DAG-enabled libpcap library that provides DAG acceleration for libpcap-enabled applications hosted in DockOS.
  • VirtIO drivers that ensure I/O compatibility for any standard Linux-based applications
  • vDAG drivers that provide DAG acceleration for any applications that are modified to support VDAG.

What Applications can be Hosted in DockOS?

DockOS comes with SNORT®, Suricata, Bro Security Monitor and Wireshark pre-installed. Other tools that DockOS can host include Argus and Nagios for Network Monitoring, and Ntop's nProbe for NetFlow generation.

In short, any Linux-based application that needs access to packet data for processing is a good candidate for hosting in a DockOS-based VM.

Implementation Details

The DockOs image and documentation are available from the Endace Support Portal. If you don't have a Support Portal account you can request one here.


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