The Future of High-Speed Packet Capture is Here

Introducing the 9200 Series
EndaceProbe Analytics Platform

Delivering up to a petabyte of effective packet storage, the new EndaceProbe™ 9200 Series uses built-in compression and patent-pending Smart Truncation™ on top of 432TB of fully RAID-protected storage.

All in a single, 4RU appliance that can record at a sustained 40Gbps.

That’s a world first.

Stack for Ultimate Scalability

Stack multiple EndaceProbe 9200s together to form logical units with single pane-of-glass management and centralized searching that:

  • Delivers sustained recording at speeds in excess of 200Gbps
  • Can handle burst rates of 400Gbps+
  • Scales to multiple petabytes of packet-level Network History.

Centralized search and centralized management lets you combine all your EndaceProbes into a network-wide recording fabric – the EndaceFabric - that can scale to suit the needs of the largest, fastest networks on the planet.

That’s another world first.

Download our Solution Brief to find out more about how stacking works.


Search for that Needle-in-the-Haystack in Seconds not Hours

It’s all very well being able to record at multi-gigabit speeds and store petabytes of Network History.

But what about finding that “needle in the haystack” when you need to? What traffic is that suspect host sending? Is it infecting other hosts? Quickly finding those packets-of-interest wherever they traversed the network from amongst petabytes of packet data can be critical.

Because of the EndaceProbe’s unique, distributed architecture, searches are distributed - and horizontally scalable.

You can search multiple EndaceProbes simultaneously from one pane-of-glass. And whether you’re searching one EndaceProbe or hundreds, searching is just as quick. Now you don’t need to queue up hours-long searches before you head home for the night.

We call that yet another world first.

Triple the Hosting Capacity

Like all EndaceProbes, the 9200 Series comes with built-in VM hosting capability – Application Dock™. But now you get more. Much more.

In addition to lossless traffic recording at multi-gigabit speeds and ultra-fast, network-wide data mining, the 9200 Series provides hosting for up to 12 analytics solutions.

Which means you can deploy security and analytics tools from our industry-leading Fusion Partners. Or open-source tools such as SNORT®, Suricata™ or Bro IDS™. Or custom applications. Whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you have an EndaceProbe. The choice is yours.

No competitor offers this same open-platform capability.

So on this one we’re going to claim a “world’s only”.

Book a demo now. Or ask us about a proof-of-concept at your place.

Download the Datasheet Book a demo or ask a question

Think this is all too good to be true?

Let us show you it's not

We think you’re going to really like how our new EndaceProbe 9200 Series stacks up. It really does set new benchmarks for performance, capacity, functionality, scalability and, best of all, affordability.

So, talk to us now about the ultimate in scalable, high-speed packet capture and analytics for your network.

Challenge us. The bigger and faster the network the more we like it. Find out why the world’s largest companies rely on Endace.

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