EndaceODE Open Application Platforms

High-performance appliances for hosting packet-processing applications

Customized Packet Capture and Processing Solutions

EndaceODE™️ appliances are designed to meet the needs of organizations looking to build their own customized packet capture and processing solutions. They are widely used on some of the world’s largest and most complex networks belonging to global telecommunication companies, banks and financial institutions, web giants, governments and defence agencies.

EndaceODE appliances combine the guaranteed 100% data capture, proven performance and reliability of Endace DAG™ Data Capture cards with a highly optimized server platform. They offer a scalable, high-performance platform for use where commodity servers and network interface cards (NICs) simply cannot perform at the speeds or accuracy levels required.

EndaceODE appliances have been engineered to handle the demands of continuous packet data processing on multiple 10GbE or SONET OC192/SDH STM64 links. They come with optimized drivers and are designed from the ground up to function as an integrated system that is fully supported by Endace, and run a standard Linux operating system (OS) that can be used as is, enhanced or scrubbed, depending on the application requirements. This makes EndaceODE appliances easy to customize, and compatible with a wide range of security and network performance monitoring, archival, lawful intercept and other applications.

The built-in DAG data capture cards offload packet capture and processing overhead to onboard hardware, freeing up host CPU cycles for use by hosted applications. Because of this, no other customizable platform comes close to delivering similar levels of performance and efficiency.

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Unlocking the True Power of DAG Technology

Open Application Platforms are built on a foundation of Endace DAG technology, which is proven to deliver the very highest levels of packet capture accuracy and high-resolution time stamping under the most demanding conditions. With DAG technology, more network traffic can be processed with a far higher level of accuracy than can be achieved with a software-and-NIC-based solution, even with PF Ring or other similar acceleration techniques.

EndaceODE appliances are far more than just DAG cards dropped into a standard server chassis. They are highly optimized appliance platforms designed at a system level to ensure great performance and 100% accuracy.

EndaceODE Platforms at a Glance

  • High-performance, DAG-based server platforms for hosting a wide range of packet processing apps
  • Support for SONET and Ethernet interfaces from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Sophisticated hardware-based packet processing features
  • 100% accurate packet capture to memory, ideal for data acquisition
  • Multi-core Intel X86 processor
  • High throughput capability
  • Low space, weight and power consumption.

Optimized for Space, Weight and Power (SWaP)

In critical environments, packet processing accuracy is important, but so is resource management. Large data centers are under increasing pressure for cooling, space and power resources, which makes the choice of hosting platforms especially important. Our EndaceODE appliances have been optimized over several years to deliver the very best performance with the lowest possible resource consumption and high-density deployment options.

Model Specifications

Model 4820 4640
Dimensions 1 rack unit 1 rack unit
CPUs Two Xeon 2.8GHz (Ivy Bridge) 10-core CPUs Two Xeon 2.8GHz (Ivy Bridge) 10-core CPUs
Port Count 4x SFP+ ports individually configurable for OC-192/STM-64 or10GbE 8x SFP+ ports individually configurable for 1GbE or 10GbE
Memory 64GB DDR3 RAM 64GB DDR3 RAM
System Drive 480Gb Solid State (SSD) drive 480Gb Solid State (SSD) drive
Power Supply 650W Redundant AC (power consumption 11 μ Joule/packet) 650W Redundant AC (power consumption 5.5 μ Joule/packet)
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DAG API and Application Dock

The DAG API is used by many applications in the security and network monitoring world. By writing applications that use the DAG API, the full power of the EndaceODE Open Application Environment is unlocked. The API is simple to work with and proven to significantly improve the packet-processing performance of many different types of application from federal data acquisition to latency monitoring in financial networks.

An important benefit of using the DAG API is that applications written to the DAG API can be run in Application Dock, which means that they can be hosted in a managed EndaceProbe environment.

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